3 Best Innovations in the New iPhone XS Max


The new iPhone XS Max is one of Apple’s most state of the art devices yet. It has been unveiled as one of Apple’s most advanced pieces of technology to date, and its features speak for themselves. As the world-renowned company continues to produce devices more impressive than their last, it is important to know what your options are, and if the most recent technology really is up to speed.

Thankfully, you need not worry this time around, because the iPhone XS Max already has made quite a name for itself with Apple showcasing its prowess yet again. Here are just some of the reasons to get excited about this new iPhone installment:

  • Slim, Easy-to-Manage Exterior

The glass on the new iPhone XS Max makes it more resistant to scratching and shattering than previous models. This is even more extraordinary when taking into consideration the slim shape of the phone itself. Despite this new and improved development, most people still will want to protect their investment. Fortunately, there are already cases available for the new iPhone for purposes relating to both aesthetic and function.

In a truly impressive move, this new phone is also very water resistant, able to withstand six and a half feet of water for even up to a half an hour. This feature in particular has transcended the aspect of convenience into sheer mechanical marvel.

  • Better Camera and Editing Abilities

Among all of the various improvements in the iPhone XS Max, a better camera seems to be the common thread that catches many people’s attention. Between improved hardware and software, its high definition has gotten even stronger. Plus, the camera has been adapted to allow for more light and thus define its subject sharper.

The HDR feature has upgraded to what is being called the Smart HDR, allowing nine various quality options when taking pictures. Due to this increase in pixel-ratios and overall quality, action photos will also render clearer and with less lag. The zoom effect has also improved in focus and ability.

Now, there are also new ways to edit your photos once they have been taken, such as incorporating a blurry background after the fact as opposed to during. This means any photo can be later edited into “Portrait Mode” if not initially taken as such.

  • Improved Software and Battery Life

The new iPhone comes with the top of the line iOS 12 software, which includes special features such as additional Siri commands, face recognition, and means of limiting your app usage if you so desire. In addition to this, the battery has significantly improved from its earlier editions, with a full hour and a half more than the iPhone X. The phone itself also has a stronger and more high quality sound, should you choose to project music or videos from your phone directly.

Additionally, this model of the newest iPhone also comes with a wireless pad in lieu of a USB charger, making said charger easier to travel with and less of a hassle. This way, the cumbersome and sometimes frail nature of the original USB cords is eliminated completely.

Last Considerations

The iPhone XS Max and its many features, both new and improved, are further proof that Apple is a leader in the smartphone industry when it comes to technological advancements. iPhones continue to demonstrate not only the technology being developed by Apple, but innovative technology of the future that will further our abilities and prosperity.

The functions that iPhones are capable of nowadays have enhanced their use beyond simply contacting someone. Their abilities to take photographs, record videos, download and share various files, and so much more have all contributed to making these smart phones some of the most useful devices at our disposal. With the way things are going, that will be a truth that only strengthens as time goes on.


*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.