26 Ways to Establish Yourself as an Expert By Stephanie Chandler


No matter what kind of business you’re in, you are an expert in something. One powerful way to grow your business is to become known for what you do best. Because experts are the go-to people for services and products, establishing yourself as an expert gives you an edge over the competition, generates interest from prospects and builds loyalty with clients.


Following are strategies that you can use to elevate your expert status.




Own it: First, believe you are an expert. Second, claim it. Get over any fears that you don’t have all the answers because nobody does. Give yourself the title of “XYZ Expert” or “XYZ Specialist.” When you believe it, others will too.


Leverage Credentials: If you have any special education or certifications, you are already an expert. Make your credentials known.


Develop Your Skills: Make it your quest to continue learning. Stay on top of industry news and trends, read books, attend trade events and continue to hone your skills.


Subscribe: Read all relevant news, trade journals and related information for your industry so you’re always in the know.


Promote: Write a bio that describes your expertise and publish it on your website, business cards, and anywhere where you have the opportunity to showcase your experience.





Networking: Get to know other people in your community and build relationships. Consider joining chambers of commerce, Business Networking International (BNI) or other networking-focused organizations.


Trade Associations: Take a leadership role in a related trade association and watch your visibility grow.


Volunteer: Donate your time and expertise to a worthy cause. Not only will you derive satisfaction from a good deed, but you can gain valuable exposure and contacts.


Lead Meetings: Form a local group or association and conduct regular meetings. Promote your group through Craigslist.org, Meetup.com and community calendars.


Lead Change: If your industry requires some activism, get involved in making positive changes.


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