We love celebrating the latest news of women changemakers and those moving forward whether in business or in life. This Women’s History Month has been a time to do just that!  

Even still, it’s important to reflect on the fact that even with all the strides made on behalf of women including (finally) swearing-in a female vice president, women still face many obstacles and barriers today. 

For instance, one new report found that while many American’s earned a pay raise this past year, women were less likely to get one. And even when they do it’s lower than what men receive (on average). So it’s no surprise that the latest Census reports found females across the nation earn about 83% of what men earn.    

Then, when it comes to the government, we only see women making up 27% of Congress, 24% of the U.S. Senate, and 27% of the U.S. House of Representatives — despite making up 51% of the entire nation’s population. 

We clearly have not reached gender parity yet, but we are making progress. In fact, a new city study from moveBuddha has found the metropolitan areas in America with more equitable landscapes for women today. 

The Best Cities for Women

#1 Ranked: Las Vegas, Nevada. The state of Nevada stands out as one of the best in terms of female political representation and even ranks #2 according to the “Represent Women” Gender Parity Index , meaning the state has nearly the highest proportion of female representation in the nation.

"Washington DC best city for women"

#2 Ranked: Washington, D.C. The number two metropolitan area for women is one where we are convinced they are eating healthy. The analysis found that in the Social + Health category there were lower reports of physical and mental distress, excellent scores for healthy behaviors, more locals with insurance coverage, and higher levels of education. Plus, great access to reproductive healthcare options. 

"Las Vegas best city for women"

The overall ranking includes 4 primary categories that are scored and averaged. 

Bonus: Businesswomen should consider Miami; here over 40% of small businesses are female-owned, 4.6% are evenly split by men and women owners, and it’s the city with the highest rates of business formations (compared to the population) across the entire analysis.

Be sure to check out the full report to learn more about their methodology and other top-ranking cities: https://www.movebuddha.com/blog/best-cities-for-women-roaring-2020s/