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2012 Malware Trends and What to Expect in 2013

"Malwarebytes malware detection and removal software"Malwarebytes has written a treatise style blog post regarding  2012 Malware Trends and What to Expect in 2013. Here’s a synopsis:

2012 was the year when two things happened…

1) the world faced some of the most nefarious social engineering attempts ever seen in malware, and

2) there was a serious shift in how people became victims. Malwarebytes intelligence analyst Adam Kujawa goes into detail in this report about the trends we saw such as a) Discovering the first state-sponsored malware found in the wild, b) “Assumed Guilt” Ransomware, c) Banker Trojans, d) RATs — Remote Access Trojans, e) The Golden Age of Drive-By exploits, f) Malvertisements g) The hidden malware treasure trove of WordPress, h) the BlackHole Exploit Kit and finally i) the Linux Web Server Kernel Malware.

Kujawa also provides 2013 predictions that detail items such as how he expects the criminals will come up with new creative methods of spreading malware, how toolbars for everyone can be a very dangerous trend, how BYOD is a very real security risk, how malware harvesting and testing will change and how all of this will cause a change in the way people use the internet and the countermeasures that can be used to ensure a safe internet environment.

You can read the article here:

On January 21st, I had the opportunity to interview Adam via teleconference. He gave an overview of the threats we face and solid suggestions for keeping our computers safer. Here is the link to that article (right click to download to your computer): 

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