Any fashion stylist will tell you that hitting an ensemble home run requires a few tricks of the trade to look and feel fabulous. Today’s style marketplace is rife with noteworthy innovations that allow you to fix, and all together avoid, common problems or generally enhance your look. Consider this list of fashion fixes, tricks and tips that’ll keep you looking and feeling your best.

Durga-Kali Reversible Dresses ( – Starting at $250
Thanks to our line of reversible dresses manufactured in the USA, women no longer need to worry about spending money on evening gowns and bridesmaid dresses that may never see the light of day again because there are no opportune places to wear such a fancy frock. Each style actually turns into a little black dress that you can use again, and that even includes our long, reversible dresses. With enough color choices to put a Crayola box to shame, you are sure to find something for that special event while still feeling comfortablein it for a more low-key night out. Not only are you getting a customized dress, but you are also getting two dresses in one.

SummerSkinSun Protective Clothing ( – $49 Scarf; $155 Maxi Dress
SummerSkin is a new line of classic, stylish clothes with built-in UPC 50+ sun protection for optimal, year-round skin safety. Fashionistas can still maintain a sense of style, versatility, and expression while maintaining skin health. Notables from the line include the Endless SummerSkin Scarf—a multi-functional accessory you can toss in your purse and use as a scarf, a shoulder wrap, a hood or even a skirt. This is a great item to have on hand in case it gets cold, starts to rain, or you need to change into a skirt! The Maxi Dress by SummerSkin boasts a classic maxi silhouette with flattering seamlines to highlight all the right curves. Available in an array of colors, the perfectly stylish maxi can be paired up with a blazer for daytime work or with beach sandals and accessories for the weekend.

Blouses by Elizabeth Daniel New York ( – Starting at $116
The Elizabeth Daniel NY shirt, available in various forms including the lovely Sleeveless Ruffle or the Removable Tie Front Sleeveless, is a crisp, shirting basic that looks like a standard button-down, but it is actually a fitted tee-shirt. The result is a comfortable and form-fitting cotton knit combined with the elegant detailing of a traditional woven sateen blouse. Wear them alone or under a sweater or blazer. With their collection of chic and comfortable shirts, Elizabeth Daniel NY has revolutionized the essential white button-down shirt. As working mothers, the company founders understand the need for style and ease at home, in the workplace, and for everyday life. As the tag line states, Elizabeth Daniel NY designs are “Classic, Tailored and Timeless.”

Camiband ( – $24.99
Sometimes you need extra coverage with your wardrobe when things just don’t seem to fit right. That’s when you can simply slip a Camiband around your midriff, bust, or bikini bottom–three problem areas that are easily solvable in stylish form! The multi-use Camiband doubles your wardrobe possibilities by putting all those too short shirts, low rise jeans, low cut tops and swim bottoms right back into rotation. It will feel like you have a brand new wardrobe as you can reuse those clothing items in an innovative, comfortable, and stylish way. As an American-made quality accessory, Camibands are available in eight Stretch Lace colors, spandex, and prints. There are also some plus size options available.

Butt-Lifting Jeans ( – $67.80
If you’ve ever wished that you could round and lift your rear without additional padding or shape wear, the development of special butt-lifting jeans (also called Brazilian jeans or push-up jeans) is going to be very exciting news for you. Shapley women will love these jeans, which have been designed specifically to highlight curves, lift the butt, and trim the tummy, thigh, and legs. Butt-lifting denims use special lifting technology instead of padding. Their secret is a diagonal seam that extends in a heart shape around the rear, rounding around the hips. You will feel and look amazing in these on-trend boot cut, skinny and capri-style jeans designed to work with all types of looks both during the day or a night on the town.

The Workout Band from ( – $52.99
Are you ready to maximize your workout with a faja-style waist cinching garment? The Workout Band is an Ann Chery waist cincher that you wear anytime you’re going to be active. Take it to the gym or for a run outside and let it add impact to your healthy lifestyle routine. You simply wrap the band around your midsection, which creates compression in your core, stimulates thermal activity, and increases perspiration. This process allows toxins and impurities to exit the skin while mobilizing fat cells. The band is constructed from a latex core with a soft cotton exterior and interior lining. It sits at your waist, extending to the upper abdominals. Two columns of hook-and-eye closures allow you to size the garment down with you while FelixBoning anchors the cincher and prevents migration.

Custom Genie Bra ( – $60 for pack of three
The Custom Genie Bra is the first truly multi-way bra with slots that surround the entire circumference of the bra. The 30+ individual strap placements mean that you can wear a strappy bra no matter how tricky the neckline or top. You can even get rid of the straps all together for a comfortable strapless style. Soft contour cups custom conform to your shape to help eliminate spillage and “back fat.” The Custom Genie Bra is also free of underwire and clasps. Instead, knitted wide support band helps add lift and support and is constructed with Genie’s Everlast comfort stretch fabric. Machine washable, the bra comes in nude, black, and white.

Curvy Couture Intimate Apparel ( – Starting at $38
Nothing fixes fashion better than good foundations. And, nothing makes us feel sexier and more confident then when it’s pretty!  Inspired by silver screen sirens like Ava Gardner and Marlene Dietrich, Curvy Couture offers glamorous intimate apparel for women that wear bra sizes, 34C-44H. Using the latest technologies in textiles, the bra offers an amazing fit! The bra goes six ways and will not slide down. The Whisper Weight Panty offers no panty lines and a touch of support in the front panel. The Art Deco bra can be worn four ways and comes with clear straps. The collection also features the t-shirt bra, which is the best travel bra when fashion is on the go. The intimate collection combines the detail of art deco stitching with comfort and function found in the tummy control panels and microfiber options, such as convertible straps.

Iron Knee Pants ( – Starting at $29z
We all know that the first thing to go when it comes to boys’ clothing is the knees on pants. It’s just a fact of life, but now moms everywhere can rejoice when they pick up a few pairs of Iron Knee Pants. These pants feature a revolutionary, reinforced interior kneed patch that doubles the durability on this notoriously vulnerable area of clothing. In addition to being washed and dried more than 50 times, Iron Knee Pants are proven to withstand extensive profession abrasion testing. These pants have even won a Good Housekeeping VIP Award, which celebrate products that are considered to be ingenious breakthroughs and that solve everyday problems in new, exciting ways.

Handbag Handcuff ( – $42
Handbag Handcuff is the first-of-its-kind, luxury bag restraint that keeps your bag in place and your sanity intact. It can be used to secure your bag to a shopping cart, stroller, golf cart chassis, bike frame, luggage and chair. Moms, businesswomen, and travelers are using Handbag Handcuff while men are using it to keep messenger bags, computer cases, duffels and takeout bags in place in the car. Parents are outfitting their newly driving teen drivers/college students with Handbag Handcuff to secure their backpacks and help minimize distractions in the car while also finding use in libraries and common areas to keep their belongings secure. Older adults are using it to secure their bags so that they don’t have to worry about spillage or theft or having to hold heavy bags. Even celebrity moms and dads are using it!

Finders Key Purse ( — $6.95
Finders Key Purse not only adorns your purse with your favorite fashionable design (butterflies, crowns, Fleur De-Lis, etc), but it also solves the everyday problem of “digging” to find your keys. Simply attach your key chain to the lobster claw of the Finders Key Purse and slide the Finders Key Purse on the side of your bag. Keys will be safely inside while you add to your look with the fashionable decoration on the outside. Need your keys? Simply pull up on the Finders Key Purse and instantly you have found your keys. No more digging, hunting, fishing or dumping your purse to get to your keys. It’s a solution and a fashion accessory all in one!

Fashion First Aid Kit ( – $49.95
A Fashion First Aid Kit is the perfect gift for the savvy fashionista! It’s chalk full of innovative products to save you from almost any fashion emergency. This useful kit includes 7 beauty and fashion life savers. They are theGarment Guard, a disposable underarm shields to hide visible sweat marks; Pocksie, temporary sticky pockets that are perfect for cash/credit cards or business cards; Quick Fix Sticks, which are adhesive wardrobe remedies to mend hems, rips, and more; Wundercover, which is used for tattoo covers and blister preventers; White Collar Grime to help protect collars and hats; Strap Trap, which are racerback bra clips; and Skid Out, which is a deodorant, drip, and drool eraser. With this kit, no fashion emergency will ruin your day or evening!


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