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101 Women Bloggers to Watch for 2009

Welcome to our 2009 list of 101 Women Bloggers to Watch for 2009!  We have scoured the internet to find these amazing women bloggers and are delighted to present them to the readers of WE Magazine for Women (over 40).

Like the other Women bloggers to Watch we have honored, these women come from very diverse backgrounds. There are business blogs, personal blogs, relationship blogs, hobby blogs, travel blogs, blogs about kids, pets, travel, food, health, women, men, shopping, fashion and more.  These women represent many parts of the globe. 

When you visit these amazing women, be sure and tell them where you found out about them. Feel free to share this list with your circles.

And if you happen to be one of our bloggers to watch, congratulations! You can download our new logo by right clicking and saving to your computer).

Pink Heels with Jennifer Moore

Pathway To Presence Blog with Gina Rafkind

Women Xplore with Bela

Say Yes Institute with Carrie Stack, M.Ed. 

Prosperity is Now with Donna McAlister

Financial blog with Tawra

Freedom Blogging with Jan Norman
Writer’s Eye Advisory Service with Lael Johnson
Vanilla Sage with Eleisia Whitney
Conventional Wisdom Institute with Rebecca Staton-Reinstein
Advantage Virtual Assistant with April Jones

Poder Interior with Norma Cruz

Almost Smart Cookie with Dr. LeslieBeth Wish

Marcom Interactive with Linda Zimmer

Smart Woman Guides with Vicki Flaugher  

Women’s Work with Susan

Bari J with Bari J Ackerman

Arizona Home Talk with Becky Wyatt

Tech Coach for Coaches with Sandra DeFreitas

Belle Vivir with Julie

Rain’s Authentic Blog

Virtual Book Tour with Nikki Leigh

Isaac Business Services with Cheryl Isaac

Andrea Dean’s Blog 

Diane Kennedy’s Tax Loopholes

That Crazy Mom with April
Orange Soda with Janet Meiners Thaeler
Women Entrepreneurs – The First Year with Jo Anne Cohn

Becoming Something with Natasha

Fast Wonder Blog with Dawn Foster

Great Adaptations with Suzanna
The Get Smart Blog with Bridget Ayers
Julie Yack’s Blog
Tammy Tailor Nails

The Best of Marbella with Maria Petrak

Denise Mabilog Photography

Madalyn’s Music Biz Blog

The Chronicle of Coaching with Linda Ballew

Communication Bridges with Mary Schnack

Supernatural Botanicals with Robin Feltner

The RebelWoman Show with Jann Taber

Wealth, Success and Women with Heather Juma

Women Entrepreneurs Secrets with Deb Bailey

Dawn at Your Service with Dawn Lawson

Success in Bloom with Colleen Johnston

Girls Getaway Guide with Casey Wohl

Mommy Revenue with Rhonda White

Savvy Doula with Darlene MacAuley

SheEO Blog with Jennifer Dalitz

The Productivity Queen with Lorraine Pirihi

The Bulletin Board with Eydie Stumpf

Quick Moments with Gayna

Rachel’s Place with Rachel

Women Wise with Kelly Watson

Tax Tips Blog with Gina Gwordz

WorldChangingBusiness with Coco Fossland 

Not Just Pretty with Erin Ferree

NextSteph with Stephanie M. Cockerl 

The T-Shirt Lady with Sandi Myers

PKS Miami with Jane Zucker

Cherie’s Profit Blog with Cherie Ang

Online Business Woman with Roxanne

Technical Projects with Sara Isenberg

Viva Visibility with Nancy Marmolejo 

Your Design Biz Blog with Mary Larsen

Yielding Wealth with Miranda Marquit

Work From Home Momma with Laura Spencer

Workerette with Melonie Murray

Words of a Broken Mirror with Alina Popescu 

Wise Women Investor with Lisa Moren Bromma

The Next Women with Simone Brummelhuis
Startup Spark with Shannon Cherry

Speak Schmeak with Lisa Braithwaite

Small Business Boomers with Jean Murray

Sisters In Biz with Monica Flores

Real Thinking with Patricia Hewitt

Randa Clay Design with Randa Clay

Pajama Professional with Sara Christensen

Origin of Brands with Laura Ries

Mingle with Beth Brodovsky

Leader Notes with Bridget Wright

Leader Networks with Vanessa DiMauro

Interview Chatter with Darlene McDaniel

Help Desk Notes with Linda Marie

Greener Assets with Allison Boyer

Green Gigs with Lori Stewart

Funny Business with Elana Centor

Everyday Networker with Jennifer Gniadecki

Customers Are Always with Maria Palma

Corporate PR with Elizabeth Albrycht

Chiefette with Fiona Powell

Behind The Buzz with Rachel Clarke

I live in Dallas with Jennifer

Advergirl with Leigh Householder

Chicas Emprendedoras with Paola Cristina Diaz

Tulips Talk with Heidi Richards Mooney

Melissa Seymour with Melissa Seymour

Media Relations with Jeri Cartwright

Making Strategic Sense with Patti Dragland

Let’s Get Down to Business with Pam Wolf
Betsy Aoki’s Blog

If you know of a Woman Blogger we need to highlight on WE Magazine for Women, drop me a line or leave a comment below.

Happy Reading!

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  1. How about http://virtualphotographystudio.com/photographyblog/ a blog helping people start and grow a photography business

  2. Here’s a Woman Blogger to watch, the International Association of Women in Family Enterprises (IAWIFE blog website.


  3. Thank you so much for including me in your list! What a nice surprise.

  4. Another great list! Congratulations to each and every woman on the list and a great big thank you for the tremendous amount of work! Please come and visit our site, written by a team of “women bloggers” who would love to be watched in 2009, 2010 and so on. Keep up the good work and come and take a peek at our Insider’s Guide to the Spa Industry.

  5. Six talented and smart boomer women bloggers write about everything from reinvention and politics to fashion and love. “Smart, sassy women living midlife with humor and grace,”is the fitting tagline. Cathy Fischer, Melissa Howden, Prudence Baird, Christie Healey, Connie Stetson and Carine Fabius tell it like it is!

  6. What a very pleasant way to start a day, to be included in the company of very bright, witty and competent women. It is an honor to have been added to the list, Thank you!

    Success and Prosperity in 2009!


    Patti Dragland
    Founder and President, Strategic Sense Inc.

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  8. Lori Stewart says:

    Thank you for including me on your list – I am honored to be included among these women. There are some of my favorite bloggers on the list any many new ones I look forward to visiting!

  9. CSea Perkins says:

    Phenominal list of successful people reaching out to make our world a happier and more efficient environment.

    You may wish to add http://ecolegacy.wordpress.com by CSea Perkins to your list.

    Thanks Heidi for all you do for and with us…CSea

  10. Hi! Stop by Wait ‘Til A Commercial… a site dedicated to helping those understand sports better and bridging that awkard sports gap that happens within relationships.

  11. Donna McAlister says:

    Thanks for the inclusion as a Women Blogger to watch. I am honored to be a part of your list.

    Living in Abundance,

    Donna McAlister

  12. Please keep Womenwise Marketing in mind for future lists. It’s a blog and twice-monthly podcast with free resources to help women market their businesses and themselves.

    The address: http://www.WomenwiseMarketing.com

  13. Thank you for providing me with this list, I have already taken note of many of them! I would suggest adding a smart, savvy, blogger/author who has really caught my eye. Thank you. N Moon

    Joanne Tombrakos


  14. Dr. Sally Witt says:

    What a great list!!

    I am so proud to be working with Heather Jumah and to see her on this list.

    Congratulations to everyone that is listed here!

    Dr. Sally Witt
    The Social Media Maven

  15. Check out http://www.getfullyfundedblog.com, a source of how-to information and encouragement for small nonprofit organizations trying to raise money and fortify themselves.

  16. A sincere thank you for including me on your list. It’s an honor to be amongst this group of such talented women!

    Thanks again,
    Robin Feltner

  17. You should see LittleMissKnowitAll. http://littlemissknowitall.net.

    I see her on tv all the time!

  18. Hi Heidi!
    Thanks a lot! It’s an honour. Congrats, Ladies! 🙂
    Best regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  19. Looks like a great list – I can’t wait to start reading through them!

  20. This is my environmental blog aimed at providing up to date no hype information about the environment, carbon emissions and global warming and how “regular people” can help

  21. What a wonderful list! Thank you for giving me more great women bloggers to follow.

  22. I just found my blog listed here 🙂 That is so awesome!! Thank you.

    Dawn Lawson

  23. Thanks for including me in such an esteemed group of women bloggers. Together we are stronger.
    Vanessa DiMauro

  24. Rhonda White says:

    A wonderful list you’ve compiled…and thank you so much for including my blog. (:

  25. Thanks, we started with our magazine for female business magazine 5 months ago and are happy to be included in your Top 101 Women Bloggers to Watch in 2009. We rank 140.000 on Technorati, with a value of 40 and 375.000 at Alexa, and are growing.
    Anyone who wants to contribute news to our growing online magazine can contact me via our magazine.

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  27. Wow, I just discovered this list and I’m delighted to be on it! Thank you so much for including me! Great list.

  28. Alina Popescu says:

    Thank you so much for including me on this list. It took me a while to find it, but I am glad I finally got here! Some of the women you mentioned here are bloggers I read religiously, thank you putting together so many wonderful blogs for us to explore.


  29. I am relatively new to the blogging scene and stumbled (happily) upon the WE Magazine for Women. What an amazing resource! I look forward to reading the articles with my daily cup of coffee!

    Please keep Mommy Fuel in mind for future lists. It’s a website dedicated to energizing a Mommy’s body and brain with useful family and home product reviews plus earth-friendly, affordable and high-quality products and services designed to enhance and ease a Mom’s demanding day. Our motto is “Enriching Mom’s Life Benefits Everyone.”

    Kim Novak Proctor
    Mommy Fuel LLC

  30. Please keep in mind Mommy Fuel http://www.mommyfuel.com
    for future lists. This site is dedicated to energizing a Mommy’s body and brain with useful family and home product reviews plus earth-friendly, affordable and high-quality products and services designed to enhance and ease a Mom’s demanding day.
    Regards, Kim Novak

  31. Darlene McDaniel says:

    Thank you for including me on your list!! WOW! I truly feel honored. Thank you very much!!

    Interview Guru

  32. Thanks. I have bookmarked this handy list on delicious.
    Another great source of blogs for and about women is women.alltop.com. You’ll find my It’s Different For Girls blog there.
    @lindasherman – currently in America

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  34. Karen O'Bannon says:

    Hey, I know one: http://www.avictoriouswoman.com. Hear it’s great.

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  36. Wow, thanks for including me in this list. What a great group of women and an inspiration to all of us!

  37. This is a great list. Many of the blogs are already included in the Women On Business Businesswomen Bloggers Directory, but there are certainly new ones to add.

    I hope some of these great bloggers will submit their business-related blogs to the directoy. Here’s the link to the directory: http://womenonbusiness.com/businesswomen-bloggers-directory

  38. Roxanne Weber says:

    I concur with all the fabulous women who have commented so far in saying “hearty thanks!” for including me in this list. I appreciate the recognition and feel that there are hundreds and hundreds more women just like us, who share our passions, joys, and triumphs with the world. I wish the best to everyone on this list, and to all those who are not on the list but deserve recognition just as well 🙂

    KUDOS to all us women who make the world just a little bit better place!

  39. Imagine my surprise when I saw a link from this post back to my Women’s Work blog. Thanks so much for the mention among such a great group of gals!

  40. I get all my healthy living tips at http://www.mizfitonline.com

    She needs to be on your list!

  41. Vicki Flaugher says:

    I am thrilled to be listed here – what a pleasant surprise! I will put the badge on my site so all these amazing women can get the exposure and recognition they deserve. Thank you for including me. I feel honored.

    Together, we are stronger!
    Vicki Flaugher, the original SmartWoman
    @smartwoman on Twitter

  42. What a great resource. Thanks for providing it. I’d recommend you take a look at Fabulously Broke in the City, a female personal finance blogger living in Canada. Interesting and entertaining. http://fabulouslybrokeinthecity.blogspot.com

  43. What a great website, came to it via Productivity Queen Lorraine Pirihi. Glad to come across it – plan to visit often – congratulations to all listed.

  44. Nice list. I hope you will consider adding HR Bartender. The blog is a friendly place to discuss workplace issues. It’s been recognized as one of the Top 50 Business Blogs and a Top 25 Talent Management blog. Thanks!

  45. Nancy Chorpenning says:

    You MUST include the Marketing Diva, Toby Bloomberg! Check out DivaMarketingBlog.com.

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  48. Genevieve Fabius says:

    Delia Passi is a blogger to watch.

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  50. The Glass Hammer is an award-winning blog and online community created for women executives in finance, law, technology and big business.

    Our goal is to inform, empower and inspire women by sharing stories of women breaking the glass ceiling and thriving at the top as well as inspiring stories of women doing extraordinary things outside of their high-powered careers (in our Women and Philanthropy, Passions, and Intrepid Women series. We also report on news, events, and other topics of interest and highlighting companies, programs, and organizations that support the retention and advancement of women.

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  52. Wow. Thank you for including me with this wonderful group!

  53. Hi Guys,

    Thank you so much for including me in your list. It’s an honor to between so many others talented bloggers.

  54. Thank you for including my blog on your list! I am truly honored to be here with such wonderful ladies!

  55. Hello and a Big Thank You For Including Me on The List. Very Much Appreciated and I hope that people will visit and that it is worth the watch.


  56. Congrats to all the Bloggers especially to Colleen Johnston and Success In Bloom. Nice work ladies!

  57. Take a look at http://savegainstax.blogspot.com by Paula Straub.

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  59. Wendy VanHatten says:

    My nomination for a women blogger of 2009 is myself. Daily postings with tips, photos, and destination ideas are made to my travel blog, http://www.travelsandescapes.blogspot.com and weekly posts are to a newspaper, http://www.thereporter.com in their blog section.

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  62. Jackie Mikami says:

    I nominate myself – I love my blog and keep it informative and useful for my readers and always try to add value.


  63. Like Jackie, I want to nominate myself! My blog is focused on paring down, saving up, and getting started on your big dream. I’m planning on traveling around the world, but your dream could be totally different. Either way, it takes money, relationships, and planning to reach any big goal, and I write about these things 5 days a week.

  64. Cherry Mag – -fun, fresh and fabulous!

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  66. Hi, for some reason I’ve only just found this. Thanks for the mention honoured to be on the list. Just one minor change; I’m no longer blogging at Behind the Buzz but have started a new blog at digitalstuffing.com.

    Thanks again, Rachel

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  69. tracy reinhardt says:

    Im a woman with a blog and you should probably be watching out for me…. is that a good thing?

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  71. Congrats to all the women! I hope to be in next year’s list! 🙂

  72. Thank you for including me on your list. I am thrilled to be included in the company of so many talented women. I look forward to finding new gems to follow.

    Beth Brodovsky

  73. Maria Petrak says:

    Hi ladies,

    Thank you so much for including me on your list. I am very happy that you found my blog. It is my passion and I love it…
    I hope I can transmit this energy to all of you.

    Without Sharon Havenhand this blog would not exist. She is the blogger no. 1! her websites are: http://www.comarni.com, http://www.es-preso.com

    warmest regards and please keep in touch

    p.s. I would love to promote your website on my website… let me know if i can include your info in any way… are you based in Spain??

  74. Maria Petrak says:

    Dear Heidi and the WE Team,

    I am very honored to be a part of such an amazing group of women bloggers. Thank you very much again!

    Even thought the Best of Marbella website/blog is my first “pilot project”, it will become the franchising site. I will apply the same concept for many different places on the Costa del Sol in Spain and connect with other existing “The Best of” places in the world. If you know any owners/founders of other similar websites/blogs, please let me know.
    Thank you very much in advance!


  75. Pemo Theodore says:

    I am sure there are more than 101 Women Bloggers to watch. There are so many men that it is a blessed relief when you find a good woman blogger. For all you women who are looking at your relationships or wanting a partner please check out my blog @ http://www.astramatch.com/blog. I am a Matchmaker Extraordinaire & post regularly on relationships, matchmaking, Love, Life, online dating & social networks. I aim to support women in having better matches & better relationships. Please leave comments or ask questions and I would be happy to address them. Thanks Pemo Theodore, AstraMatch.

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  78. I have a natural living blog, based in the UK, which highlights lots of great products that are either organic, natural, fair trade, made in the UK etc. We also do reviews and give our honest opinions of what we think, feature newsy posts and lots of great info on how easy it is to make a small change, which will help if we all do it!
    Love the list, found it on The Best of Marbella Blog.

    brenda’s last blog post..Review: Cath Kidston Rose Shower Gel

  79. Nice Post!

  80. Thank you so much for including my tour and promotional blog in this list of awesome women. It is indeed an honor to be included 🙂 It also means a lot because I work with many women in business and who are working to make this world a better place – its a tribute to these women as well. They give me wonderful products and services to share with others.

    Nikki Leigh

  81. Too much to read in one night. Thanks for a very interesting list of blogs and women.

  82. Sonia Vivar says:

    Kudos to all the ladies that made the list and those of us hoping that when we grow up….one day, we too may “make the list”


  83. Thanks for the great list. Hopefully I’ll make it on the list next year.

  84. Heidi Richards says:


    Thanks for suggeting your site! Will check it out for the next issue.


  85. Jim Morgan says:

    Here is one that I think you should check out. Roberta Hart has written several articles for WE and some of you may be familiar with her work. She writes on a variety of topics including politics, parenting and there are some humor pieces that are bound to make you laugh.

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  87. Brian Hersh says:

    I’d like to suggest a blog called The Self-Empowered Woman. It’s at http://www.marilynwillison.blogspot.com/. Marilyn Willison has spent over 30 years in journalism interviewing hundreds of famous and powerful women (and men) for major publications, and she has distilled her conclusions into a forum that examines in detail the relatively few characteristics common to virtually all modetn successful women. Her subject-matter is strikingly diverse, and makes for an instructive yet quick read. And her own story is perhaps the most interesting.

  88. Heidi Richards says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Marilyn with us! WE will definitely check it out!


  89. I read your article and wanted to point you to the SeriouslyShannon.com blog. It’s run by a mom, wife, and fitness instructor. Yes, she’s my wife, but after watching the number of visitors grow on a weekly basis, wanted to point it out. The blog focuses mainly on the latest women’s topics such as entertainment and fitness. It’s actually a pretty funny site. So, if you’r looking for a blog where you can.. well have fun visiting, that’s the blog for you.


  90. Sorry, the link above is broken… it’s SeriouslyShannon.com
    .-= Joe´s last blog ..“Hot & Heavy”-Valentines Day Cocktail-YUM!!! =-.

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  92. Henry Barnes says:

    Franchising business is good but some franchise needs some cold hard capital to start with.-”

  93. Hi friends,
    Chennaimoms.com conducts an online blog contest for diwali title is “Memorable Diwali Experience”.Its great opportunity for all bloggers to participate in this online contest.Its time to share your experience…

  94. I’m always impressed to see all the different bloggers and writers do out there. Thanks for posting this reference, it will definitely help!

  95. It’s a great list – I’d love to follow each and every one of the bloggers mentioned here. Women bloggers rock, and they’re breeding to success all over the world. I follow Harleena Singh, a freelance writer, who runs the popular family blog http://www.aha-now.com/. Check it out, and may be you can include it in your revised list. All the best.

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