Apply the principles in 101 PR Tips and Watch Your Business Grow!

Mary G. White, M.A., SPHR is co-founder of Mobile Technical Institute & MTI Business Solutions ( ) in Mobile, AL., where she specializes in providing HR, management, and public relations training and consulting services for clients throughout the U.S. She is the author of 101 Successful PR Campaign Tips in the LifeTips book series and is a frequent speaker at conferences and association meetings.

What can you share with WE  Magazine for Women readers about your latest book?
My new book, 101 Successful PR Campaign Tips in the LifeTips book series, is written for professionals and small business owners who want to generate publicity for themselves and/or their businesses, but who don’t quite know how to get started. The book features practical PR tips based on common questions I’ve heard from clients, as from people who have attended PR and marketing seminars that I have taught, over the years. The book is packed with practical tips and how-to details that anyone can implement. Topics covered include various types of press releases, tips for effective media relations, ideas for generating online publicity, how to utilize the benefits of viral marketing, and more.

What is the most important thing for small business owners to realize about public relations and publicity?
The biggest misconception that small business owners have about PR is the idea that it’s expensive to generate publicity. Nothing could be farther from the truth. While some companies choose to hire professionals to handle this part of their marketing strategy, seeking publicity doesn’t have to cost anything! That’s one of the things that readers will take away from 101 Successful PR Campaign Tips. If you’re willing to step back and look at your company through the eyes of a publicist and invest some time in promoting your business, you can create an effective publicity campaign without spending a dime.

Why did you write this book?
I was out of the PR and advertising business for about ten years before opening a small business. When I became an entrepreneur in the early 21st century, I realized that the world of marketing had changed greatly since I was a full-time PR person. I spent a lot of time and energy re-learning how to be a good PR person in a Web 2.0 world. I realized that many people who are responsible for marketing businesses are still “stuck” in the old ways of thinking when it comes to PR and publicity. That’s why I decided to write this book – so that professionals and entrepreneurs alike, regardless of budget or background, would have a way to learn the basics of how to effectively and affordably generate publicity for their businesses.

How did you get started as an author?
I have loved to write since I was a child. When I was in high school, a teacher told my mother, “Mary writes beautifully. She just doesn’t anything to say.” Well, that was in a class that didn’t particularly interest me. When I’m engaged in a topic – as I am with public relations — there’s nothing I enjoy more than writing about the subject and sharing the benefit of what I’ve learned through experience with others.

My love for writing led me into a career in advertising and public relations, which allowed me to engage in many types of writing on a daily basis. From there, I moved into career education, and then became a professional trainer, consultant, and author. This path has provided me with an opportunity to teach and write about many topics that I am passionate about.

Where can readers get a copy of your book or find out more about your work?
101 Successful PR Campaign Tips is available from both and Visit for more information about my business. You’ll find a series of informative articles, my Success Tips blog, free training videos, and more.