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100 Grants, Loans & Scholarships for Women

100 Grants, Loans & Scholarships for Women

1. The  Amber Foundation – www.womensnet.net/ambergrants/index.html
2. The Ada Project for Women (TAP) – www.women.cs.cmu.edu/ada/
3. The Alliance of Women’s Business and Professional Organizations – www.womensalliance.org
4. American Association of University Women – 
5. The Asia Foundation – www.asiafoundation.com/
6. Avon Foundation  – www.avoncompany.com/women/
7. Boston Women’s Fund  – www.bostonwomensfund.org/
8. Breast Cancer Fund – www.breastcancerfund.org
9. Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation  – www.bms.com/sr/foundation/data/index.html
10. Business and Professional Women’s Foundation – www.bpwusa.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=1
11. Business Owners’ Idea Cafe – www.businessownersideacafe.com/small_business_grants/index.php
12. Canadian Women’s Foundation – www.cdnwomen.org
13. Central Asia Institute – www.ikat.org/
14. Chahara Foundation  – www.chahara.org
15. Chicago Foundation for Women  – www.cfw.org/
16. The Commonwealth Fund – www.commonwealthfund.org
17. Count Me In – http://www.countmein.org
18. The Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting – www.efwa.org
19. Ellis L. Phillips Foundation  – www.ellislphillipsfndn.org
20. Exxon Contributions  – www.exxonmobil.com/Corporate/community.aspx
21. Federal Money Retriever – www.fedmoney.com
22. Financial Women International – www.fwi.org
23. The Fund for Women Artists  – www.womenarts.org
24. Fundsnet Services – www.fundsnetservices.com
25. Girls Global Education Fund  – www.ggef.org
26. Global Fund for Women – www.globalfundforwomen.org
27. The ¬¬¬Henry Luce Foundation – www.hluce.org
28. Idea Café – www.businessownersideacafe.com
29. Iowa Women’s Foundation  – www.iawf.org/
30. The Kentucky Foundation for Women – www.kfw.org
31. Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation  – www.lpwhitehead.org
32. Limited Brands – www.limitedbrands.com/social_responsibility/index.jsp
33. Liz Claiborne Foundation – www.lizclaiborneinc.com/philanthropic/foundation.htm
34. Maine Women’s Fund  – www.mainewomensfund.org/
35. Make It Your Own Awards – www.casefoundation.org/make-it-your-own/awards
36. National Association of Commissions for Women  – www.nacw.org
37. The National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development – www.ncaied.org
38. National Organization for Women (NOW) Foundation, Inc.
 – www.nowfoundation.org
39. New England Women’s Fund – www.womensalliance.org/members/newf.htm
40. New Israel Fund  – www.nif.org/home.html
41. New Mexico Women’s Foundation – www.nmwf.org
42. Nokomis Foundation – www.nokomisfoundation.org
43. Open Meadows Foundation  – www.openmeadows.org
44. Procter & Gamble Fund –  http://www.pg.com/company/our_commitment/community.jhtml
45. Small Business Administration (Office of Women’s Business Ownership – www.sba.gov/womeninbusiness
46. Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer Programs (SBIR/SBT) – www.nsf.gov/funding/pgm_summ.jsp?pims_id=5527&org=IIP&sel_org=IIP&from=fund¬
47. Small Business Innovative Research Program (SBIR)  – www.grants.nih.gov/grants/funding/sbir.htm
48.Travel Grants for Women http://www.advance-africa.com/Travel-Grants-for-Women.html
49. Textron Charitable Contributions Program – www.textron.com/about/commitment/
50. Three Guineas Fund  – www.3gf.org
51. United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) East and Southeast Asia  – www.unifem-eseasia.org
52. Verizon Foundation  – http://foundation.verizon.com/
53. The Vermont Women’s Fund  – www.vermontwomensfund.org
54. Web of Benefit – webofbenefit.org.
55. Whirlpool Foundation – www.whirlpoolcorp.com/social_responsibility/buildingcommunities/whirlpoolfoundation.asp
56. WHO Foundation – www.whofoundation.org/
57. Women’s Business Grants – www.womensbusinessgrants.com
58. Women’s Finance – www.womens-finance.com
59. Women’s Net – http://www.womensnet.net/
60. Women’s Fund of Central Indiana – www.cicf.org/page26569.cfm
61. The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham  – www.thewomensfundbham.org/
62. Women’s Endowment Fund of the Akron Community Foundation – www.akroncommunityfdn.org/cgi-bin/displayContent.pl?type=section&id=64
63. Women’s Endowment Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Vancouver  – www.vancouverjewishfoundation.com/wef
64. Women’s Foundation of Genesee Valley  – www.womensfoundation.org
65. Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona – www.womengiving.org
66. Women’s Funding Network – www.wfnet.org
67. Women’s Philanthropy Institute – www.philanthropy.iupui.edu/PhilanthropicServices/WPI/


68. BPW Career Advancement Scholarships – http://www.bpwusa.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3381
69. Raise The Nation http://www.raisethenation.org/
70. Talbots Women’s Scholarship http://www.talbots.com/about/scholar/scholar.asp
71. The Sunshine Lady Foundation http://www.sunshineladyfdn.org/
72. Women In Business Scholarships http://www.zonta.org/site/PageServer?pagename=zi_issues_programs_klausman_application

Loan Sources

73. Accion USA (formerly Working Capital) http://www.accionusa.org/
. American Express Small Business Network
75. Bank of America www.bankofamerica.com
76. Business Matchmaking http://www.businessmatchmaking.com/
77. Capital Across America www.capitalacrossamerica.org
78. Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOps) http://www.fedbizopps.gov/
79. First Union http://www.firstunion.com/
80. Fund Isabella-  www.fundisabella.com
81. New Vista Capital Fund www.nvcap.com
82. Prosper.com – People-to-People Lending http://www.prosper.com
83. Silicon Valley Bank http://www.svb.com/svbank/
84. United Bank www.unitedbank.com
85. Wells Fargo www/.wellsfargo.com
86. Womens Venture Fund http://www.womensventurefund.org/

Angle Investors, Venture Capital and Other FUNDING Resources:

87. ABCs of Borrowing – http://www.howtoadvice.com/Borrowing/
88. Angel Capital Association Web site (www.angelcapitalassociation.org)
89. Angels in America http://www.inc.com/magazine/20050701/angels-in-america.html
90. Angel Investor Directory http://www.inc.com/articles/2001/09/23461.html
91. Ark Capital Management http://www.arkvc.com/
92. Diversity 2000 – http://www.div2000.com/
93. Finance Wizard – Find Your Financing http://www.bplans.com/FinanceWizard/index.cfm?affiliate=wfn
94. Financing for For-Profit Organizations  http://www.managementhelp.org/fndrsng/fp_raise/fp_raise.htm
95. Inroads Capital Partners http://www.vclocator.com/Venture-Capital/00839/Inroads-Capital-Partners.html
96. Loan Checklist – http://www.missouribusiness.net/docs/loan_checklist.asp
97. Raising Start-Up Capital http://www.inc.com/welcome.html?aw=640&ah=480
98. Minority and Women Entrepreneurs http://www.mwbe.com/index.htm
99. Women Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century http://www.women-21.gov/
100. Women’s Finance – www.womensfinance.com
Articles on Angel Investing:

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  1. That’s a great long list of grants, loans, and scholarships for women. I remember applying to a few awhile back, but unfortunately I didn’t have much luck. If you’re a business women trying to get a loan to get your business up and running, Mirassou is having this great contest called, “Make your Dreams Come True with Mirassou.” One business women will be awarded $50k, plus a team of highly professional consultants to help kick start their business=D You can check out: http://www.mirassou.com/women_in_business/dreams.asp for more details & to enter! The deadline is Dec. 15 2007. You gonna give it a shot? I work with them, so just helping to get the information out!

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  3. Thanks so much for your kind comments! We are delighted to bring these lists to you and will be adding to them as the days, weeks and months pass. Stay tuned!


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  6. Beverly Mahone says:

    Oh my! What a fabulous list! I should’ve seen this list LAST YEAR prior to the Retreat. It certainly could’ve saved me a migrane. Thanks Heidi for putting this together and sharing it. I’ll have to get in touch with you and pick your brain some more.

  7. Vivian Laduew says:

    I have been looking for grants, both for personal use to pay off my student loans and other bills, to move to a warmer climate due to my age and to start a business and buy a home. But am confused, you give websites but I am unsure which ones can help with what I need. could you help?
    Thank you,
    Vivian Laduew

  8. Dear Vivian,

    Thanks for your comments. When we started posting 100 resources women recommend, we only posted the title and link and not a description. We have begun doing that now with our current listings, however anything prior to July 2008 would have to be researched by individuals looking for help. You may try to google grants in your niche to see if there are specific ones for the type of business you are looking to start.


  9. College Girl says:

    Dear Vivian,

    We offer a variety of scholarships for women and would appreiate a link for inclusion.


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  12. Just found another scholarship to add to the list:

    Google has released information of the Google Europe Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship 2009, which aims to encourage women to excel in computing and technology, and become active role models and leaders. the Scholarships are open to female students entering their final year of a Bachelor’s degree, or enrolled in an a Master’s or PhD

    The online application form and requested documentation must be submitted by 26th January 2009. All applications will be acknowledged by email. Finalists will be notified in April 2009. Further Scholarship: http://www.google.com/anitaborg-europe/

    Be sure to apply early!


    Heidi Richards Mooney, Founder
    Women’s eCommerce Association & Where Women Prosper

  13. Great list! http://www.grantized.com also offers several business grants

  14. Tracy Sulkin says:

    In one of the notes above, you mentioned that the list would be expanded to include descriptions sometime in 2008. Was that completed? I couldn’t find it.


  15. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  16. In one of the notes above, you mentioned that the list would be expanded to include descriptions . we only posted the title and link and not a description. We have begun doing that now with our current listings, however anything prior to July 2008 would have to be researched by individuals looking for help. You may try to google grants in your niche to see if there are specific ones for the type of business

  17. I am looking for a grant program or scholarship for 2009-2010. I am presently enrolled in college and have a business called inspirational poetry showcase. I need help outlining where the grants are availale for me as a minority woman of color and an exceptional achiever at the age of 55. Your help will certainly be appreciated.

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  20. That really is a long list. It will definitely be a big help. I guess it will be a matter of filtering which loan or scholarship program will be best for you.
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Business Working Capital For Purchase Of Medical Equipment =-.

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  23. Hi! I just wanted to make it a hundred and one! Check out https://www.anycollege.com/scholarship.cfm

  24. Being a small business owner in search of startup funding this webisite was alot of help for me. After searching and running into deadends, I stumble across this website. This information was very informative.

  25. arifin scholars says:

    WOW thanks for 100 Grants, Loans & Scholarships for Women, on my blog content grants and scholarships too, visit http://realna.net

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  27. With currently looking into possible revenue sources for my new business, I found this post invaluable. A great resource. Thanks.

  28. What a well researched and comprehensive list. Thank you for posting as this post can save people an awful lot of time when looking for a scholarship in these hard times.

  29. Joe@Thrifty Loans says:

    Thanks for this informative post. It’s good to know that there are many foundations that give educational support for women. It will be a great help for women who want to pursue their education but can’t afford to do it. I’ll share it to the women’s group- More power!

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  31. This list is great! Will come back to add if there are any more to do so!

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  33. Nancy Lucas Papo says: