There are so many ways to utilize a Virtual Assistant in your business. You can delegate tasks you do not have time for, do not know how to do, or do not enjoy doing. You should delegate the tasks that keep you from doing what you love, making more money, and spending time with your family. You also need time for you. Delegating the day-to-day tasks allows you to take time for you to relax and unwind.

Here is a list of 10 VA Tips to help you decide what you want to delegate to your VA.

A Virtual Assistant can:

Send cards to your clients, friends and family members for birthdays and holidays.

Handle your to-do list while you focus on growing your business.

Pay the bills, send invoices to clients, and enter payments received into your bookkeeping program.

Get you out of overwhelm by doing the day-to-day tasks that you no longer have time to do.

Manage your blog and post new content on a regular basis.

Create and manage your contact database in a spreadsheet or contact-management software program.

Order your office supplies online and have them shipped directly to you.

Research venues for your next live event or private retreat.

Follow up with your clients to insure client satisfaction.

Research relevant topics for your newsletter, ezine and blog.

If you need to delegate other tasks, simply talk to a Virtual Assistant. If that VA does not know how to do what you want, he or she may be able to refer you to another Virtual Assistant who can. Take some time to figure out what needs to be delegated and get back to doing what you love, making more money, and spending more time taking of you and your family.

Sophie Z is a virtual assistant for online entrepreneurs who helps them increase their productivity and income potential.  Her passion is helping entrepreneurs get out of overwhelm and back to doing what they love most. For more information visit: