"10 Tips For  MORE Fun And less Stress During The  Holiday Season"Holidays provide an opportunity for time off from our daily routines to enjoy time with family and friends. For many, the holiday season is a time of pressure and stress in addition to the challenges we may face day-to-day. Is it the season creating the stress, or us? Read on for some tips to thrive during the holidays.

1. Plan ahead and shop early.

Start with a prioritized written list of everything you need for the holiday season. Getting the jump on your holiday-to-do list will allow you the time to slow down and enjoy the moments.

2. Choose what you want to do and do it without the guilt!

Say “no” a little more often. Give yourself permission to spend the holiday season going to parties or family gatherings that you really want to attend. If you have stressful family obligations set boundaries such as the amount of time spent, to make gatherings manageable and pleasant.

3. Volunteer to help others.

Generously giving your time, energy, and financial support to others warms the heart and lifts the spirit. And, a funny thing happens when we lovingly give of ourselves – we actually receive more than we give. Test it out. See what happens!

4. Keep your self-care strong!

During the holidays self-care tends to go on the back burner. Taking good care of YOU will insure you have the energy and spirits to attend to the people and things you love.

5. Lighten up!

Are you taking things too seriously? Choose to approach the holidays with light-hearted playfulness. Be kind and patient with others. The effect can be contagious by bringing out the best in others.

6. Manage the food plans.

Plan food you can prepare in advance and freeze.

Stock up on non-perishables you will need ahead of time

Pick up items that are already prepared.

Plan a potluck dinner and invite people to bring their favorite foods.

Hire a caterer.

7. Be Grateful.

What you value most in your life? Having an attitude of gratitude fosters a celebratory spirit. Focusing on all the people and things that enrich your life will fill you with a deep sense of abundance and joy.

8. Change the practice of gift giving.

Develop a holiday budget and stick to it. Consider creative gift such as giving your time, talent, or creating something uniquely special that will provide the gift of a lasting happy memory.

9. Share the work and the fun.

Ask for help. Delegate tasks to others and look to do family projects that make the work, FUN! By including others in the planning, preparation, and execution of the festivities you will change this from being another year where everyone sits back while you do all the work.

10. Remember what this season is really about.

Whatever you celebrate, remember that the holidays are meant to be about fellowship, love, joy and PEACE.


Lorraine Cohen is an international life strategist, spiritual guide, and inspirational speaker. Guiding THOUSANDS of people globally to spiritually awaken, change your life, and be of the greatest service to humanity. www.lorrainecohen.com