With Expert Tips on Making Valentine’s Day Special

Crucial Tips and Insights Submitted by Astroglide’s Imaginative Twitter Fans

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, members of both sexes are starting to worry about making it a special occasion filled with love and romance. In order to gather some insights, we polled some of our loyal Twitter fans to learn “things you didn’t know about men.” We gathered some of the most insightful comments and also included some of our own to give women some tips on making Valentine’s Day special for their man.

1. Men enjoy spontaneous sex. It doesn’t have to be all the time, just a surprise. This one isn’t too surprising, but it’s still a great tip.

2. Buy some sexy lingerie to show your assets off to your man. They get nervous about buying you the right size or style, so surprise them with something new.

3. Men are also sensitive about getting older. Plan an activity that will help make them feel young and sexy like go-kart racing or a mountain biking trip on Valentine’s Day.

4. They want you to be assertive in the bedroom and to take control of the sexual fun. This is the perfect time to introduce Astroglide Personal Lubricants, sex toys or role-playing into the mix.

5. Men are emotional creatures – they might not need a daily cry but they do have feelings. If you are doing an at-home movie night, then try a tearjerker sports movie to see his sensitive side.

6. Men enjoy fingers running through their hair and a nice scalp massage.

7. Men love women to be smart and to hear them use “five dollar words.” Take your guy on a Valentine’s Day museum trip so he can see your brilliant side.

8. A lot of men love feet and can be won over by a girl with cute feet and shoes. Treat yourself to those expensive heels and a pedicure to get ready for a hot date.

9. Guys want to be romantic but get nervous, so give them some subtle tips on “setting the stage.”

10. They care about clothes too and want to look good when heading out on the town, but they might not actually like buying clothes – check their size and get them a great Date Night shirt.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be just chocolate and flowers for the ladies. Women can take control of the occasion by treating their man to a fun night out on the town!

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