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10 Reasons Having a Dog Can Make You Happy

"10 Reasons Having a Dog Can Make You Happy"They tug at our heartstrings and leave their pawprints on our hearts forever.

A pet is unforgettable, and a pet dog especially so.

Yes, it is a bit of a responsibility (and that’s an understatement), and yes they can embarrass you in front of your guests by randomly choosing a leg to hump, but this is a (very) small price to pay in return for what you get. A lifetime of joy and love, something all of us seem to be starved of.

Here are only 10 reasons how bringing home a dog can change your life for the happy.

1.       You get a hero’s welcome each time

No more dull evenings. Each time you turn the door knob to enter your house, your pooch goes mad with joy to see you.

It really doesn’t matter if you have been out for the whole day or for all of five minutes! There’s something about his owner walking through that door that makes a dog jump around with pure unadulterated joy, and it’s not possible for this enthusiasm not to rub off on you.

You’ve been missed. Oh, how you’ve been missed!

2.        You get a license to act silly

With adults all around, and especially if you have a serious role at work, life can get very tedious and boring. Acting silly once in a while can lighten things up considerably.

With a dog around you can be silly all the time if you wish. He is not going to judge you, and since most people speak in weird tones with their puppies anyway, no one is going to think you are being silly for it.

Silliness is the perfect antidote to existential ennui (if you ever suffer from it). So get down on all fours with your pup and see if you can imitate any of his expressions!

3.       You smile more

Yeah well, this goes without saying, doesn’t it?

Coming home to the sweetest thing in the world is going to make you smile. You could have your head buried in an excruciatingly boring spreadsheet and yet, a mere glance at your little one will just make you forget all your gripes and woes.

With dogs around, you’ll be smiling a lot more than you ever have. They are great to look at and are always up to something hilarious.

4.       You finally understand the power of now

If you have ever had trouble understanding what living in the now means, just watch a dog.

Observe his carefree ways. The way it moves around, or flops down in his bed. The way he finds a cozy spot and watches the passersby. Look at that expression. So totally at home in his body, and rooted in the moment. Just watching things as they are. No thought about anything else. No hurrying, no worrying. Here he is. It could be in the morning, the afternoon, or the night. The present moment is his home, and he is completely into whatever it is he is doing in that moment.

Speaking of which, have you ever seen a dog sleep? If that doesn’t drive you insane with jealously, nothing else will!

Observing dogs should be mandatory studying for all of us.

5.       You finally learn to forgive and let go

So you accidentally stepped on Fido’s tail? Instead of going mad at you chances are he will try to console you.

Shout at him, blabber something in great anger (because he is not going to understand anything anyway), or swear you will never every take him out to the garden.

Your dog won’t hold any of that against you.

You’ll see him cuddle up to you the moment it senses you have calmed down. Fido only wants you to be happy. Why can’t you just let bygones be bygones and instead throw him that toy so that both of you can have a riot this evening? What could be more important than playtime! Seriously, what’s up with that frown?

6.       You learn to drop grudges

Yeah well, there are so many vermin to chase, birds to bark at, and spots to dig up, who on earth has the time to brood about that black tomcat who had given me a nasty look four months ago! Why, you must be mad if you carry in your mind all these nobodies doing nothings to you.

I’d rather chew on my dog toy or go back to sleep. Speaking of which, mommy should be home any minute now. I wonder what she’s got for me!

7.       Your stress levels go down

It’s impossible to stay stressed out for long when you have a little cutie pie wandering around your house. There’s something magical about having a dog around. You are just irresistibly attracted to him. And those feelings of mush crowd out the unsavory ones in our minds, and before we even realize it our stress seems to have disappeared from the scene.

8.       You never have a lonely weekend

It’s not for nothing that psychologists recommend depressed people to adopt a dog. The next time the prospect of a lonely weekend creeps up on you to make you feel undesired or unwanted and a big fat failure in life, well, it won’t last. Because Fido needs you. You are very much needed. I mean, who is going to play with him if you pack away for a weekend? Who is going to teach him tricks, or run with him chasing butterflies in the garden? Honestly, what would he do without you?

And if you must go away camping somewhere, why can’t you take him with you?

9.       You finally understand what unconditional love is

Yeah, Fido loves you just the way you are. Doesn’t matter how you look or act. He loves you the way he expects you to love him. Totally and unconditionally. It never even occurs to a dog that love can be anything other than unconditional.

Love is heartily greeting your owner each time she comes home. Love is jumping up and down on her on Sunday morning as you wake her up and lick her face. Love is cuddling up to her when you sense she is unhappy. Love is being there and just, well, loving her.

10   You become more responsible

The feeling of caring for a little fur-ball is the tenderest of them all. If that does not reduce your heart to mush, I doubt anything else will.

If you are someone who has had a tenuous relationship with responsibility, bringing home a pup and being a parent to him may change that forever!

So, which breed are you bringing home then?

Nicola Reynor is a community manager and a web presence strategist for Dog Love It, the best doggy supply store ever! In her spare time she loves to write about her pet love, and go hiking with her two dogs.

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