By Lorrie Kazan,

"radiating energy"In these powerful times, people are experiencing things faster and deeper, it seems, than ever before.

Even the atomic clocks, which are supposed to be permanently set, have had to be re-set something like nineteen times.

Life has sped up. What does that ask, in fact demand of us?

Certainly it requires that we toughen up while, ideally, still remaining heart-centered, open and poised for change.

The ancient Chinese oracle, the I-Ching, provides a guide for this process. The I-Ching teaches that the only constant is change. And the Creative (which you could call God or Source) often takes a zig zag path to its goal.

It also reminds us that life revolves in cycles. We learn a process of inner strength so that when the good times come we don’t fall apart, and when the bad times come we likewise retain an even keel. It’s a given that all things pass. And in the heat of it, we can learn to remain the conscious witness.

How to start the day: Science of Mind practitioner and teacher, Louise Hay tells us (in You Can Heal Your Life) that the first thing she says upon awakening is, “I love you Louise. This is going to be one of your best days.” She focuses on gratitude and reparents the inner child.

What actions can we take to strengthen at the core?

Here are a few suggestions:

10 Quick Tips to Radiate Mastery from Your Inner Core

1. Be aware of your energy field. Awareness is the first step. You don’t have to see it; simply know that it exists.

Imagine that you’re sitting within a bubble of light. What does it look like? Is it bright and clear?

Uneven, have holes? Do you see colors?

You can call in the highest healing light and let it fill your aura. Notice if anything changes. The simple act of attention changes things. And willingness, even willingness to be willing, always brings in something new.

2. Light Up Your Chakras. Imagine that you have energy portals of light from your root to your crown. Breathe into each one, allowing it to balance and stabilize.

Don’t worry about seeing or not seeing them. The act of self-attention is the key here.

3. Cut cords. Sometimes our closeness with others or desire for it creates cords of attachment between us.

Imagine cutting the cords and seeing those areas heal with light. People will come to you freely; you don’t need to be tied.

4. Pray. This is concentrated attention and intention, and ultimately surrender to what healing studies have shown to be the most profound prayer: Thy will be done.

We can’t carry everything on our shoulders, and our sight, no matter how intuitive, is still limited.

5. Meditate, even if it’s simply to stop and watch your breath, noticing how it moves on its own.

6. Slow down. Remember how people were during 9/11? Sort of shocked out of daily concerns, hurled back into our bodies and our sense of connection?

You could say 9/11 broke our hearts, which we felt accutely at the time. That seemed to change when we were told to focus on shoppping rather than feeling.

Slowing down means being fully present in the moment. Highly Sensitive people are urged to lie down when overwhelmed; this even eliminates the stress of dealing with gravity.

7. Pain is part of life, suffering is optional. A broken heart is an open heart.

Recognize where you are. Loss of a dream, a pet, a plan…some things just break your heart.

But an open heart lets in more light and more love and may offer a freedom of its own. (In Landmark Education, they say breakdown precedes breakthrough.)

8. Acceptance. There’s an oft-quoted line from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. “And acceptance is the answer to all my problems today.”

It tells us that there are no mistakes “in God’s world” only in our view of how we think it should be.

Basically, what we resist persists. And we don’t know where everything is leading, how we are being developed.

9. How Can I Make Myself Happy?

This one is from Dr. Colbey Forman. For Dr. Forman, our job is to enjoy our lives and fill ourselves up so that we can give from the overflow.

Ask yourself, what can I do to make (say your name) happy now? And then take the action and see if it’s true.

Since we are naturally meant to give and receive from others, making ourselves happy might even include helping others. (Studies have consistently shown that giving service is one of the best ways out of pain.)

Or, it could be a hot mineral bath. A walk in nature. Moment-by-moment means we’re not done. We’re in process.

10. Ask the universe empowering questions. Tony Robbins asks the Universe: How can I do what I need to do and have it be fun?

Every question we ask is answered. Are we listening? Perhaps that conscious attention, which leads to transformed awareness, is the key.


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