Taking good care of your body is the most important gift you can give yourself. It’s the first step to a long and healthy life . You may think you are doing everything your body needs by showering every day and keeping yourself clean and free of germs. However, different parts of the body need different care and you must pay special attention some areas. Here are the 10 most significant body parts that need your attention.

  1. Skin

Did you know that skin is the largest organ of the body? It is your primary defense system against external factors. So while you are relaxing on a beach-side or busy at work, your skin is constantly fighting a myriad of germs, UV rays of the sun, pollution, dirt and all kinds of potentially harmful agents. In addition, it is the first organ to get hurt, bruised and cut. It is therefore crucial that you take good care of your skin. The first step is to keep it immaculately clean. Showering regularly with soap and water is a good start. Follow that up with a suitable moisturizer. Remember that moisturizing is important for the entire body and not just the face and arms. Pay attention to shoulders, back, and everywhere else.

Treat minor cuts and burns immediately with antiseptic liquid and healing cream to keep infections at bay. Use sunscreen to protect from harmful UV rays, drink plenty of water and eat healthy. Do not wear clothing that chafes or irritates skin, and finally, take extra care to read product labels and don’t use any harsh chemicals on your skin.

  1. Teeth

Not only are they the reason behind the sparkle in your smile but also, teeth are your primary way to the mesmerising pleasures of food. While tooth enamel is the hardest part of the human body, lack of proper care can do some serious damage to your dental health and facial beauty. Taking care of your teeth isn’t hard or expensive. It’s only a matter of discipline and habit. You just have to brush twice a day and floss without fail. However, a study  reported that only a quarter of adults floss their teeth. Don’t be a part of the remaining three quarters.

In addition to brushing and flossing, a visit to your dentist for a regular dental checkup is a must to keep tooth decay and other problems at bay. There are several benefits of intraoral cameras  and other dentistry tools by which you can detect problems ahead of time and fix them before they affect your teeth adversely.

  1.  Nails

You probably did not associate nails with your health too often. They are however, quite significant. Since they form crevices at the tips of your fingers, they become a hiding place for bacteria and other germs that can find their way into your bodies. Even seemingly clear nails can contain germs and hence, you should always keep them clean and trimmed. If you have longer nails, clean them carefully and more often.

  1. 4. Feet

Your feet spend most of the day wrapped tightly in your shoes, bear your weight all day and often deal with dampness, strain and shoe bites. Sweat and dampness can cause smelly feet, itchiness and at times, infections too. To avoid this, always wear comfortable, breathable footwear. Clean, scrub and exfoliate your feet weekly to keep them soft, beautiful and healthy.

  1.  Ears

Yes, you should listen to them too. Your ears, just like the eyes, take too much sensory overload in our current chaotic lifestyles. Too much exposure to high decibel sounds can lead to hearing loss. Limit the time you spend with headphones on, try to use ear defenders or cotton buds when you absolutely cannot avoid high volume exposure.

In addition, keep your ears clean and dry to prevent infections and itchiness. Always use high quality q-tips from trustworthy brands, even if they cost a bit more.

  1.  Lips

The skin on your lips is two times thinner than on your face. Also, lips have no melamine like the rest of the skin. Therefore, lips special care and attention. First of all, never chew on your lips and never go to bed with a trace of lipstick on them. Apply a good natural lip-balm before bed each night and keep it handy during the day as well.

  1.  Eyes

Eyes are probably the most sensitive organ on your face. They battle an onslaught of dust, pollution, radiation from screens and a plethora of other problems that cause eye strain. Taking care of your eyes  is hence a very important step in personal care.

First of all, refrain from any kind of harsh eye makeup as the eyes are too sensitive to chemicals. Wear sunglasses when outside to protect not only from UV rays but also pollution and dust. Limit your screen-time. Our lifestyle today has become far too dependent on screens. Smartphones, laptops, TV, there is just too much strain on the eyes. Avoid using these as much as possible. Clean eyes with cool water and use a soothing compress whenever they feel tired.

  1. Skin Folds

Areas where skin rubs against skin and tends to get sweaty can be problematic if not taken care of properly. Inner thighs, underarms and under heavy breasts are examples of this. Pay extra attention when cleaning these areas, use a good soap and apply some talcum powder to keep them clean and dry during the day to avoid sweat build up and fungal infections.

  1. Genitals

Just like the skin folds, genital areas too suffer much dampness and can hence develop problems like itchiness, rashes and fungal infections. Use a gentle, pH balancing intimate wash and keep thoroughly dry to prevent problems. Talcum powder too can be used along the bikini line or under the belly to keep the skin there dry and free of germs.

  1. Hair

Hair may not have too much contribution in your physical health, but they are an important part of your beauty and personality, and healthy hair can do wonders to your confidence and self esteem. They are also, an indicator of your internal health and dull, damaged or falling hair can be a sign of ill-health sometimes. Taking care of your hair involves keeping them clean with a good shampoo and using only organic products. Avoid too much styling and heat treatments as they severely damage hair and consume a diet rich in proteins to keep them beautiful and healthy.


Every part of your body no matter how small, has a vital role in your overall health and deserves individual health. Taking care of the parts mentioned above will help you look beautiful, feel great and stay healthy.

Image from: Pexels

Korie Cantor is a writer and blogger – connect with her on Twitter @koriecantor