Whether you want to impress the one you love or just say “you’re special” to a friend, WE Magazine for Women found these apps to help you send your message. They are FREE or almost FREE (under $1), easy to download and more important easy to use. It could be your favorite music, love poem, a card or candy. There’s an app for that! At least for those with an iPhone.

"say i love you iphone app"1. SAY I LOVE YOU ~ Say I Love You in different languages with this FREE app.

2. Date Ideas (FREE) Dating tips for those looking to make a date perfect. Use these creative date ideas to make your date a success.

3. Romantic Dinner Date Recipes (FREE) Looking for some great romantic dinner recipes and menu ideas to sweep that special guy or girl off his or her feet?

4. Candy Valentine Hearts Free version of the ultra popular Valentine’s Candy Hearts app! Perfect for Valentine’s Day

5. Lovetricity ($.99) Find Love with your iPhone! Lovetricity is a game of love and fun. Each person places a thumb on a pad and the love-chemistry of calculated using a vast amount of variables!

6. Valentine Photo (FREE) Add Valentine’s Photo Effects on your photo! Send your work to your boyfriend,girlfriend and family!

7. Love Test (FREE) Want to know if you are compatible? Test the love between two people by entering their names below and then calculate their compatibility

8. Valentine Radio (FREE) Most romantic radiostations on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Surprise your Valentine with these romantic radio stations on your Valentine date

9. CREATIVE Romantic Ideas ($.99)Have romance at your fingertips with this fool-proof guide to unique romantic ideas that are sure to take your love’s breath away. Ideas are categorized by effort and cost and come with step-by-step instructions

10. The LOVE Horoscope is a free daily updated love horoscope.