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Who’s Who Directory of Women Deadline Extended!


We have had such a wonderful response to the directory call for listings, we have decided to extend the deadline for entry.

 The new deadline is March 28, 2008.  So you have time to get your company listed as well as forward this information to your friends.

 Two questions women have been asking are: What category will my company be listed under?  And, do you include other information in the listing such as a logo or contact information?

 Both good questions!  Categories are submitted by the individual. We decided not to come up with a predetermind list of categories simply because we want women to tell us how their prospects and clients find them.  When someone sends me a listing I send them a thank you and at that time ask what category to use. This does two things, lets them know I received their listing and also gives them time to think about what is best for their business.

Because of the scope of this project, we have decided to offer an ENHANCED LISTING for a small fee.  Enchanced listings include expanded contact information your company LOGO, address, phone, and one additional URL. 

Cost for the ENHANCED listing is $25.00 (USD).  If you are interested in this offer, be sure to note that when you send in your submission.  Upon approval you will receive a paypal invoice for the fee.

Send your Basic listing to Heidi (at) with “Who’s Who Directory” in the subject line and the following in the body of your email:





And if you want the ENHANCED Listing, be sure to mention that in your message.

For more information, visit

Looking forward to hearing from you and be sure to let your friends know!

Warmest regards,

Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief 


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  1. Tashia M. Flucas says:

    I am so delighted to be apart of this spectacular Who’s Who Directory of Women in eCommerce-2008. I look forward to receiving my copy, networking with other women in business, and helping my clients find help for projects.

    Warm wishes of Success!

    Tashia M. Flucas
    Accounting Professional

  2. What an exciting project! I have been looking for a way to connect with other women in business and “Who’s Who Directory of Women in eCommerce-2008” is just what I envisioned! I and look forward to posting our company’s information- the enhanced listing is very reasonable too! I am always looking for other women in business to network with and share resources and see this as a great opportunity to expand my business.
    To a new venture,

  3. As an e-Commerce entrepreneur, I am absolutely delighted to be a part of the Who’s Who Directory of Women in eCommerce 2008 and am so pleased that the deadline has been extended since this will give me time to submit an enhanced listing.

    Also, since many of our Women’s Support TEAM Mentors and others are in e-commerce, this extension gives us time to publicize Directory in our upcoming newsletter, as well as posting the Directory information on our TEAM website.

    Great way for women in e-commerce to connect and share!

    Thank you for the extension!

    Paula Constantino
    CEO & Founder

  4. Really excited about this – I have just sent in my details to create a listing on Marketing, PR and Events and it has been really straightforward. The Who’s Who Directoy of Women in eCommerce 2008 is new, innovative and I am looking forward to growing my business through the new contacts it brings.

  5. Kathryne-Alexis Weygand says:

    This is too perfect, a wonderful resource for networking, expanding my business, making new friendships, co-creating joint ventures and receiving assistance, products, and adventure in retail therapy! In gratitude for your focus and dedication.

  6. Martine D'Haeseleer says:

    Ebusiness is a wonderful place for women from all parts of the world. An opportunity to connect one with the other, to interweave, to share. A wonderful way to develop new possibilities of working and especially Home based businesses. It gives hope, faith and powerful opportunitis for women all over the world especially women from countries in a process of development.
    I really thank you for this opportunity. Martine

  7. I am excited to see the Who’s Who Directory of Women in eCommerce-2008 come out. This is great for today’s business woman.

    Marguerite (momsherbs)

  8. It is both a challenge and an empowering journey being a business owner. I am grateful to know there is a network of women to share and listen and learn from, and how delightful that the WECAI Network is such a resource for us all.
    Thanks for providing this opportunity to women in business.

  9. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this brilliant initiative. I look forward to seeing the final product and to make contact with women around the world.

  10. Barbra Alberts says:

    I am so excited to see the finished Directory! Thanks so much for the opportunity to be listed and putting together such a wonderful resource for everyone.


  11. Deborah Baker-Receniello says:

    Thanks so much for this opportunity. It is inspiring to see this happen –as we all know — being a business owner is challenging and heartwarming at the same time. Something like this directory is great. I am so delighted to be apart of this spectacular Who’s Who Directory of Women in eCommerce-2008. I look forward to receiving my copy, networking with other women in business, and helping my clients find help for projects.

    Warm wishes of Success!
    Deborah Baker-Receniello

  12. I’m delighted to participate. It’s a great way to network with other professional women.

  13. I am really excited to be a part of WECAI and to be listed in the directory. This is so important for all of us to be able to network, learn from and support one another, and I’m looking forward to it.

    Erika-Marie S. Geiss
    Managing Editor, Red Pencil Editing
    Editor-in-Chief, theWAHMmagazine

  14. Kudos to you !! I have been a woman-owned business since 1972 and online for almost 10 yrs. It is impressive & rewarding to see such a project encouraging networking between women. We women are indeed a powerful & invigorating force in business. I look forward to the continuing challenge 🙂

    Sharon Blumenthal (Personalized gifts for all ages & occasions) (Personalized Sorority & Fraternity gifts)

  15. Thank you! This is a tremendous offer and I can’t wait to be listed in the Women’s who’s who.

  16. Febulous idea! A big thanks to Heidi for organizing Who’s Who Directory of Women. No doubt this will be a great resource not only for women already online but those who want to start up a business – either on or offline. Here’s to a great launch!

  17. DeAnna Troupe says:

    Thank you for this awesome opportunity Heidi. I’m glad you extended the deadline. Now I can write about this in my blog! Yaay. I can’t wait to see the directory when it’s completed.

  18. Pamela Jacob says:

    Heidi, Thanks so much for this great opportunity. I love seeing women who gather together as a group to create a powerful network!

  19. I am honored to be a part of this directory and look forward to meeting other women business owners, sharing our expertise, our skills and our talents while inspiring each other along the journey.
    Together we can accomplish great things.

  20. Alicia Cummins says:

    I am so excited to be part of this directory. I’m going to forward it to all of my associates. I’m so glad you extended the deadline.


  21. Kim Essenmacher says:

    Heidi, I am so excited to participate in the new Who’s Who Directory for Women Internationally.
    This will be awesome to have on hand to network with other women who are serious about their business.
    I like that you have placed a one year in business qualification.
    It helps to keep the serious businesses listed and not the fly by nighters!
    You are providing two options so everyone that wants to participate will be able to by offering a free listing/paid listing.

    You do so much to help women worldwide grow their businesses!
    I have come to highly respect & admire you!

    Warmest regards,
    Kim Essenmacher
    Marketing & Small Biz Consultant

  22. Railu Tiamiyu says:

    Knowing that every business needs to engage in marketing activities in order to grow, especially small businesses who often have limited budgets and larger, more high profile competitors, I think this Who’s Who Directory of women is an awesome idea and an ideal opportunity for women in business and those out of it to get to network and connect with one another.

  23. I was very excited to find out about this wonderful Directory! As a web designer, marketing and networking are a huge key element! I hope to be listed in a category for Web Design(ers) to better network.


  24. Thank you for taking a postive step to create the Who’s Who Directory of Women. I appreciate your vision and generosity. It is an honor for me to be included in your directory.

  25. Thanks for putting together such a great resource. I heard about WE through a friend and I look forward to all your insights.

  26. Leah Messina says:

    This is a fantastic opportunity to help promote each other in our ecommerce businesses. Thank you for providing this great forum for women to connect and support one another.

    All the Best,

    Leah Messina
    Book Divas

  27. I am very excited to be part of this directory, and looking forward to connecting with others. This is a fantastic idea! Thank you so much for extending the deadline. I’ll forward this to other women business owners I know.


  28. Pam Archer says:

    Women in the work force, whether in a home-based business or a store front, have come to the forefront of recognition as leaders in the business world. The Who’s Who directory will affirm this by listing these savvy entrepeneurs. I am honored and excited to be a part of this.

  29. Debbie Zipp says:

    This is such a great idea I’m ashamed I didn’t think of it. Thank you so much. Women need to support each other and work together to progress in male dominated world. You should be very proud of the work you are doing. Congratulations on creating the Who’s Who Directory of Women and wishing you tremendous success with it. I have no doubt that it will go beyond everyone’s expectations.
    Thank you,
    Debbie Zipp
    In the Productions, the first entertainment website for women over 40

  30. Elizabeth Early Sheehan says:

    If anyone could put this together, Heidi would be the one to do it! Congratulations on a successful, growing directory of awesome women. It will be great to have one place to turn to when we need a resource, have a question, or need help as an entrepreneur. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this directory.
    Elizabeth Early Sheehan
    Organizational Solutions
    Professional Organizing Services

  31. What a wonderful way to meet other women in business. I’m looking forward to sharing and learning from others about successes, mistakes, ideas. It’s a great opportunity for all of us to form a valuable network.

  32. Collaboration is the fastest path to success. Isolation is the fastest path to insanity. As an e-Commerce entrepreneur, I work and live by this belief and I am excited to connect and share with others who believe the same. Together we ROCK!

    Lethia Owens
    CEO & Founder
    Lethia Owens International, Inc.

  33. Networking with other women is the best thing!! I am looking forward to collaborate with all of you out there in chartering yachts in Greece. The best way to see our wonderful country and enjoy the Greek Seas and islands.

    Irene Antonopoulos

    Koutsoukellis Yachting
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  34. Falisha Hopkins
    Innovative Specialty Gifts, LTD.
    My Business is Branding Your Business

  35. I’m so happy that you extended the deadline on this wonderful opportunity! E-commerce is such an integral part of my business and it’s exciting to be part of this community of like-minded businesswomen.

    I love your flexible attitude about categories! I think that will make this a really useable resource where people can find exactly what they’re looking for.

    Rachel Lane
    Barcelona Bath & Body

  36. Fabulous opportunity for support and networking, something we all need especially as internet businesses grow. The connection with other professionals is also important on a personal level as more and more women break from traditional office environments.
    Thank you!
    Denise McMillan

  37. Penny Tallent says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful resource for women. I look forward to being able to connect with other women in business.

  38. The Who’s Who Directory of Women in eCommerce-2008 is an incredible vehicle to gather information about women on the web. Having the information in one directory is a great effort to promote and support women business owners.

    I look forward to receiving my copy and learning more about the diverse female eCommerce entrepreneurs.

    Savor life’s best,

    Aimee Wilson
    Owner / Chief Events Planner

  39. I just wanted to thank Heidi for the opportunity to participate in this directory. It’s a great idea for all of us.

  40. This is a wonderful format to acknowledge women who have the guts and fortitude to realize their entrepreneurial vision. Congratulations on developing a phenomenal concept to aasist entrepreneurial women.

    Dr. Millicent Lownes-Jackson
    A Business of Your Own
    Business Publications and Services for the Entrepreneurial Woman

  41. This is going to be a great, unique resource for women! I’m looking forward to being a part of it’s huge success. Thank you Heidi.

    Helene Taylor, Esq.
    President and Founder
    The Modern Woman’s Divorce Guide

  42. What makes ClutterBusters different from most organizing services? We don’t expect our clients to be perfectionists. If they were, they wouldn’t need our services. However, we do encourage them to change the habits that caused the clutter problems. In this way, we don’t enable our clients by doing the clearing for them; we empower them by working together to clear the clutter and help them acquire new habits so that they can avoid new messes. And this always leads to changing their environment–personal or business–into one with which they are truly comfortable.

  43. We are so excited to be part of such a fantastic organization. This is such a great resource for women.

  44. What a great idea to bring all these resources all in one place.
    I help take blogs and social media coaching to the nextSTEPH.

    Take your website to the nextSTEPH

  45. Thanks for extending the deadline – I just submitted my listing. Sounds like it’s going to be a great resource!

    Spider Silk Design
    Web Design & Development
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  46. Heidi,

    Thanks for extending the invitation and deadline to participate in this timely resource. I’m delighted to be a part of it.

    Simply the Best,

    Simply the Best Coaching
    inspiring smart business women to thrive

  47. I’m so excited! How much do I like this idea? Let me count the ways…

    What an incredible opportunity–to be listed in the “2008 Who’s Who Directory of Women in eCommerce.” I’m thrilled to be part of a remarkable group of women, and can’t wait to get my hands on this resource.

    Thank you, Heidi, for making this possible!

  48. Audrey Patton says:

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  49. Sheryl Glickman says:

    This is a wonderful and exciting idea! We all can use a little networking! I am honored to be a part of something so global!
    May the Gods & Goddesses guard your safety and provide the brightest of blessings,

  50. Diana deRegnier says:

    The acknowledgement and connection with other prominent women in this directory empowers, inspires and marks our presence in e-commerce!

  51. Marguerite Bonneville says:

    What a fantastic idea! And thank you for extending the deadline. I can now contact my fellow female website owners and let them know about this great opportunity.

    Look forward to receiving the directory. I’m so pleased to be a part of it!

    Marguerite Bonneville
    The real reasons you’re not getting what you want…

  52. CSea Perkins says:

    Heidi, you are the best! Timing is everything! I missed the first announcement and am grateful you extended the deadline so I too could share this opportunity with other women in my circle of influence.

    Power Women typically excel at networking / results and solutions so it makes great sense to have a directory filled with empowering / giving women.

    Wouldn’t it be great to some how measure the results of this directory in comparison with other eDirectories?

  53. Thanks Heidi

    For extending the chance to be listed in your wonderful resource for Women in Business. I look forward to receiving and sharing in this directory.

    Pat Bailey
    Vontrie’s Couture
    Skin Care & Nail Services that you deserve.

  54. Germaine Porche' says:

    Thank you so much for getting this project going – it’s a wonderful networking tool and one more way to connect with other professional women.

    I will forward this to people I know and hope that women take advantage of this powerful tool.

  55. Cherie Butler says:


    Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. I’m a born networker so this fits me to a T! In my business I work primarily with women, both as clients and JV partners, but it’s always been on a local level. I’m looking foward to connecting with other business women on a more global scale.

    Congratulations on creating such a wonderful project!

  56. WSL (Work, Style, Magazine) is a lifestyle magazine for the workforce ages of 22 to 55 yrs of age.

  57. Heidi,

    What a brilliant idea.

    Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this, for all the great women out there in the business world or just beginning to take it on.

    I work with great women who are making a great difference in other people’s lives as well as their community.

    This directory will be highlighting even more great women doing the same and give them a very prominent presences and visibility.

    Thank You

    Eunice Nyandat

  58. What a great way to connect and network with our fellow Women Business owners. I look forward to learning and sharing!

  59. Darlene Chadbourne says:

    Thank you for offering this wonderful opportunity for women to be part of a communication web that blankets the earth with feminine energy. I look forward to working with a women’s network. My clients are mainly women who are updating and making changes midstream. Many of them are career women and business owners, I will surely recommend them to this site.

  60. Cheryl Niemela says:


    I heard about your directory through the Indie Beauty Forum, and I’m excited to be a part of this. Thank you for pulling together this wonderful networking resource for women, and for extending the deadline.

    Cheryl Niemela
    Good Thymes Bath & Body

  61. Sounds like a fabulous idea! It will help lots of women extend their business brands!

  62. Jennifer Stewart says:

    Sometimes, working via the Internet can be a lonely process, and that’s why the Who’s Who Directory of Women in eCommerce is such a great concept. It enables women to feel part of a network — regardless of where we live.

    Thanks for all the hard work in getting this organised!

  63. Jayel Gibson says:

    A heartfelt thank you for extending the deadline for this wonderful opportunity. I am sure that it is not only I, who has procrastinated.

    This is such a great way to share information, network and get the word out.

    Jayel Gibson

  64. Thanks Heidi for such a wonderful opportunity. This directory will not only make an impact for all the women listed but will demonstrate the amazing resources there are online for women and men all around the world.

    Nicole Graham

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  66. Wendy Oliveras says:

    I am very happy to participate in the 2008 e-commerce directory. The directory is not only a great idea, but an invaluable tool for reaching out to fellow women entrepreneurs.

  67. Heidi,
    You continue to make WECAI a viable, useful program for assisting its members. This vehicle, a web-based Woman’s Directory for which you have demonstrated such success in the past with a hard copy directory, is a great idea and I am pleased to be included in it. It will be a huge success.

  68. Thanks to Heidi for allowing me such a wonderful opportunity to market my company! I have such a unique business and love to network on-line. I can’t think of a better way than through this venue! This will be a fantastic tool.
    Best wishes to everyone,
    Randy Robinovitch
    Market America

  69. Heidi, I think this project and the site is a great idea! I also wanted to thank you for extending the deadline.

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  71. I’m psyched about the opportunity to learn about other woman who are versed in the online environment. I already see a few valuable business contacts – let the e-conversations begin…

  72. Thank you Heidi, for the opportunity to be part of this amazing networking tool.

    Carolyn Cagney
    Etched In Memories

  73. Thanks for this opportunity. Even though it’s the last day I’ll try to pass it on to some women who might be interested.

  74. Michelle Sweeney - Tonic Gifts says:

    What a great idea and many thanks for the opportunity.

  75. Heidi,
    Thank you so much for the extended deadline and the opportunity to be in this unique and special directory. The timing is perfect for me. It comes just as I am starting to come out of the black hole of the loss of my wonderful and beloved husband of 47 years – see .

    I love the idea of choosing my own category. In the “swizzling about” process, the first thing that comes up is “Creativity in Transformation,” then “Creative Visioning” and more practically – “Photography for Transformation”.

    I eagerly await receiving receiving this Who’s Who Directory of Women. Knowing all that you put into it and the women with whom you connect it’s sure to be a valuable resource tool for finding goods and services.

    With great appreciation,
    Sheila Finkelstein

  76. Connie Eberhart says:

    I am so excited to be a part of this!

    I believe that the Natural Principles that are Innate to Women will very much influence and impact Personal and Global Transformation. And since our World is so much in need of a New Organizational Paradigm and a New Model for Business and Humanitarian Living, I also believe that it will naturally evolve through a Woman’s Way of Collaborating and Co-Creating.

    What a better way to initiate Connection, Collaboration and Co-Creation than through the internet?!

    I am very excited to Co-Create with all of you!

    Connie Eberhart
    Evolutionary Transformation Artist
    Humanity Unites Brilliance

  77. JoAnn Hines says:

    Having this directory to outreach to other women is very exciting. Its a great way to find out who is doing exciting things in ecommerce.
    Thanks to Heidi for providing this wonderful opportunity and resource.

    JoAnn Hines
    Packaging Diva

  78. Sandi Myers says:

    Thank you, Heidi for extending this offer. I got in, just under the wire.

    It is vitally important these days, to present a highly professional appearance both online and off line, and being part of this wonderful group and directory is sure to help all involved.

    Thank you

    Sandi Myers
    Sandi’s T’s

  79. Nancy Goodwin says:

    Thanks! Much appreciated!

  80. Patricia Skinner says:

    I am so glad you decided to extend your deadline or I would have missed this opportunity. Thanks for giving us all the chance to become part of such a vibrant female community.

  81. This is a great idea. It is always refreshing to see how many women owned websites and businesses are online. Look forward to being part of the directory.

    Daria Goetsch
    Search Innovation Marketing

  82. Angel Hale says:

    I never cease to be amazed at all of the wonderful ways WECAI serves women business owners. It seems like every time I turn around there is a new, innovative, tool or resource being offered!

    I’m thrilled to be a part of the latest and greatest–“Who’s Who Directory of Women in eCommerce-2008!

    While I’m delighted to be a resource offered in this directory, even more importantly, I’m looking forward to using it for finding quality products and services for myself and my clients.

    Keep up the incredible work WECAI!

    Angel C. Hale
    Life Coach, Speaker and Writer
    Leading Ladies- Celebrating and Supporting Natural Born Leaders

  83. April Rendonvera says:


    What a great way for women in business to network and find each other! I am honored to be included in this resource. Thank you for the wonderful initiative in putting this together!

    Kind regards,

    April Rendonvera

    April Designz
    Providing small business management, web and Virtual Assistant services, freeing you to spend more time on the things you enjoy!

  84. Kathy Reilly says:

    Heidi, I am so excited to participate in the new Who’s Who Directory for Women Internationally.
    This will be awesome opportunity to network with other women who are serious about their business.

    You do so much to help women worldwide grow their businesses!
    I have come to highly respect & admire you!

    God Bless,
    Kathy Reilly
    Financial Solutions To Your Door

  85. Thank you Heidi for making this opportunity available. Located in Australia, I just love following what the women in the States are doing in ecommerce. I really do think many of them are world leaders and very inspirational for someone like myself who has the ecommerce bug.

    Thank you for giving me the chance to be a part of such an exciting resource.

    Sarah Benjamin
    Simply Rose Petals

  86. Possibilities abound! The opportunity to be listed in the Who’s Who Directory of Women in ECommerce directory is a way for all of us to help each other bring our business visions and dreams to life. I look forward to being a part of it!

    Kim Marcille
    Possibilities Amplified, Inc.

  87. Thanks so much for offering something that will benefit so many wonderful woman, I’ve enjoyed reading down the list of woman that are a part already. Thanks again, Heidi.


  88. Having just returned from two conferences on the mainland I was late in seeing your email.Thank you very much, Heidi, first for extending the deadline and second for including my business. I know the Women’s Directory will be a great way for people to support each other while receiving services and products to help each of us flourish in our personal and business lives. People frequently tell me they love and benefit from my coaching programs and I need to get the word out (quit keeping them a secret!!). Thanks to you and the Women’s Directory, they will be a secret no more!
    Mahalo & Aloha,

  89. Christie Wanlass says:

    Thank you so much for extending the deadline of the Women’s Directory! I am really excited that Bath Desserts has been given the opportunity to be included and I look forward to the networking opportunities afforded by this resource!

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