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A Book You Won’t be Able to Put Down!

"Blue Collar Buddha"Because this story is your story!

If you have been reading WE Magazine for a while you know that I seldom recommend books written by men. Why? Because there are just too many great books written by women that still need to be shared and since this is a magazine by, for and about women, I generally stick to that. However, I had to share this one with you because my friend Paul Streitz just launched this wonderful book and I think you should check it out. Read on to learn more…

Here’s what Brian Tracy has to say about it:

“This wonderful, warm, inspiring book will motivate you to set bigger goals and then persevere over all obstacles until you succeed.” =

A new book has convinced me that the most addictive kind of story does not come from Hollywood. Rather, it’s the story of someone like you and me, facing the kind of dramas we all face. It’s called Blue Collar Buddha, by Paul Streitz.

This is a story of tragedies and triumphs, love gained and lost, ups and downs and lessons learned. The details may differ, but you know Paul Streitz’s hopes and heartaches as well as you know your own. In thirty uplifting stories of personal and professional enlightenment, Paul shares the hard-earned wisdom he gained from overcoming debilitating childhood insecurities, shocking betrayals at work and at home, and two life-changing bouts with cancer.

Ultimately, with integrity, ingenuity, and indomitable will, he created a rich, fulfilling life and a business worth millions.

Following each story are self-reflection questions that challenge you to consider similar experiences in your own life, the effect they’ve had on you, and how you can learn from them as Paul did.

Blue Collar Buddha provides a powerful reminder that life will present you only with obstacles you can overcome, and that adversity is the gateway to greatness. You’ll come away better equipped to face tough times and use them to fuel your drive towards a new level of success and fulfillment, as Paul Streitz did.

Order Blue Collar Buddha through the link below and get valuable FREE BONUSES:

Enjoy the read!



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  1. I wish all success of Paul Streitz for this book. I will get this book for sure by this weekend.

  2. Paul Streitz says:

    I really appreciate the recommendation, Heidi, especially considering that you rarely recommend books by men. While I was writing it, I kept women readers in mind, particularly during the chapters about love and romance. I know that I like to hear a woman’s thoughts on those topics, so I assumed that women would like to hear what a man thinks, especially a man who “gets it” and is doing his best to live consciously. Not seeking out advice from the opposite sex is a big mistake that both men and women make. I think women will also be more naturally drawn to the chapters that delve into my childhood issues and experiences with cancer. In fact, a number of women have already told me that the book gave them a lot of insight into the way a man thinks. I just received an offer to talk to a women’s professional organization and hope to get more opportunities to connect with women in this way. Again, thanks for your kind words!


  3. Paul Streitz says:

    Thanks Andrea please let me know what you think… If you can leave a review on Amazon.

    In gratitude,