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101 Women Bloggers to Watch in 2010

WOW! It’s hard to believe it’s 2010! And I am so excited because I am sure this is going to be the year of the Social Media Entrepreneur.  Participating in and leading Social Media has become a way of life for people personally and professionally.

Along with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and many other niche social networking sites, blogs are mainstream now – books are being written by, for and about bloggers. Movies are made showcasing bloggers’ stories and bloggers are headlining news stories every day.

It is an honor for me to share our annual list of 101 Inspiring Women Bloggers to Watch with the readers of WE Magazine for Women.

I want to thank all our readers for all your Women Bloggers recommendations. WE had hundreds of entries. And because there were so many, this list is by no means complete. Consider this the first round of women bloggers to watch for 2010.  In fact, we will be creating several lists of women bloggers to watch this year. There are just too many good bloggers to showcase!  Of course, feel free to share your favorite female bloggers in the comments section below. 
By the way, if you are a woman blogger who has been blogging for at least six months, feel free to share your blog. Please leave your blog title, the url and a one sentence description in the comments section. I personally review EVERY Blog that is on this list before listing it, and would love to do the same for your woman edited, published, or owned blog.

And if you happen to be one of our bloggers to watch, CONGRATULATIONS! (You can download our new logo by right clicking and saving to your computer) or email me at heidi (at) we magazine for women dot com (no spaces) with “Send me the Women Blogger Logo” in the subject line.

Drum roll please….

A Diary Left Open with Patty Mooney ~ the adventures of a patriotic liberal; a karaoke spellbinder; a mountain-biking poet; an intrepid producer, a satisfied soul mate

Advantage Virtual Assistant with April Jones ~ The Online Life of a Single Work at Home Mom

Advice Goddess Blog with Amy Alkon ~ She likes to give advice of all sorts

A.E. Brain with Zoe Brain ~ Intermittent postings from Canberra, Australia on Software Development, Space, Politics, and Interesting URLs.  And of course, Brains…

Allison Kelley Designs with Allison Kelley …jewelry to inspire your beauty  from the inside out

Big Little Wolf’s Daily Plate of Crazy by D. A. Wolf ~ Whatever life dishes out, and whatever we can make of it. . .

Bizzy Women with Miriam Schwab ~ aims to bring high quality information together in one place to empower busy professional women

Books and Authors with Joyce Anthony ~ A place to meet authors, explore their books and enjoy reviews and interviews

Bored Mommy with Maria  ~ Down to earth mommy blogger who really tells it like it is!

Brandeo with Anne Simons ~ dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on marketing ideas, trends, strategies and solutions

BRENDA’S BLOG ~ A breast cancer survivor, filmmaker and journalist, Brenda writes/videos everything from unwanted facial hair, frequent mammary miles, and “not tonight, honey, my feet are cold.”

Budget Girl with Robin ~ Look Great and Live Well without Spending a Fortune

Buzz Bits with Denise Michaels ~ all about supporting women biz owners create more cash flow in testosterone-free ways so you have more fun, feel more confident and make more money

The Center for Joyful Business with Laura West ~ helps women business owners bring passion and purpose to their businesses

Charlotte Gordon’s Blog ~ about politics and religion, interfaith issues, women’s issues, the bible, motherhood etc.

Chick at Sea with Sandy Wheeler ~ shares travel tips, advice, girls getaway trips, themed trips and more

Child Centered Divorce with Rosalind Sedacca ~ support network for parents facing, moving through and transitioning beyond divorce – on behalf of their children

Clear Thoughts with Ann Latham ~  A resource for business excellence

Cleopatra’s Perfume with Jina Bacarr ~ Author writes about Lady Eve Marlow’s adventures from her novel of the same name

Coffee Photography with Rita ~  filled with photography tips, tutorials, and photoshop actions by a mom who does it free

Confidence Boosters with Terran ~ Various articles, tips and quotes to boost your confidence

Creative Perch with Dee Wilcox ~ Art is Everywhere

Chronicles of a Young Teacher by Ms. Understood 3rd Grade Teacher ~ writes about life, being a teacher and miscellaneous thoughts in between

Debbie Schlussel ~ In the News and political commentary

Dog Talk 101 with Joanne Osband ~ Inspiring tidbits for “Dog Owners”

EcoLegacy with CSea Perkins ~ encourages environment and economic responsibility

Escaping Mediocrity with Sarah Robinson ~ Tips for Escaping Mediocrity

Fabulously Broke in the City ~ a female personal finance blogger living in Canada. Interesting and entertaining.

The Fast and the Fabulous with Valli Hilaire ~ blog about motorsports from a female perspective

Fresh eVenture with Keller Hawthorne ~ Your Internet Marketing Blog

Frugal Luxuries with Tracey McBride ~ Celebrating the seasons in luxury on any budget

Geek Girlfriends with Christina Tynan-Wood ~ a place for women who like technology but want a hand getting or keeping up to speed  

Get Fully Funded with Sandy Rees ~ how-to information and encouragement for small nonprofit organizations trying to raise money and fortify themselves

Golf Chick with Kristen Williams ~ features her progress as a golfer, interviews, product reviews, stories and reviews of golf courses and destinations, commentary on professional golfers, charity events, and occasional rants

Good Life Zen with Mary Jaksch ~ focused on spirituality and self-development and offers practical inspiration for a happier life

Great Resumes FAST with Jessica Holbrook ~ Professional resume writing and executive resume writing tips 

Gridiron Goddess with Amy Lamare ~ This chick knows her football!

Grow Your Business with Nancy Michaels ~ Small business advice 

Healthy living Today by Susan Ream ~ designed to share information she has gathered on her journey toward better health

I’m an Organizing Junkie with Laura ~ Enjoying Life One Pile at a Time

InkSpotting with Betty Dobson ~ Writing, life and the writing life 

In Search of Design with JP Jones ~ design, graphics, logos and more

Internet Marketing Resources with Gail Metcalf ~ Helps readers begin thinking about how you can replace your j-o-b
The IT Girls Coaching Blog with Krissy Jackson ~ Information for Women in IT and Coaching Professions 

Jacqueline Whitmore’s Blog ~ the life and observations of an etiquette expert 

Jane Out of the Box with Michele DeKinder-Smith ~ offers networking and marketing opportunities, key resources and mentorship from successful women in business 

Join us in the kitchen with Mama Iris and Mama Lynn ~ no more frozen pizza!

The Jump Start Blog with Becca Braun ~ Making Learning Fun

Kendras Creative Corner with Kendra Richardson ~ Inspirational Ideas and Advice for Paper Crafting

Lisa Merlo-Booth’s Straight Talk on Relationships ~ Love, marriage and relationship advice from the expert who tells it like it is

MaAnna Stephenson’s Just the FAQs ~ Workbooks (for non-geeks) to help you create blogs, rss feeds, and websites that work

Mamie Jane’s Crafty blog Ideas

Mannie Mandible News with M Vincent ~ One of a Kind Jewelry finds

Miss Chatter with Cathy Burton Taylor ~ online sportscaster/reporter/photojournalist who blogs about baseball, etc.

Ms. Single Mama with Alaina ~ Single mom talks about dating, motherhood and life

My Friend Amy with Amy ~ book reviews and issues related to the world of publishing, the life of a bibliophile, the importance of literacy, and blogging

News on Women with Alice Krause ~ Celebrating Rising stars

Not Just Pretty with Erin Ferree ~ Helping small businesses stand out with designs that make them shine!

Oh She Glows with Angela ~ dedicated to inspiring and motivating others to lead full, happy, and healthy lives

One Green Generation with Melinda Epler ~ frugal, sustainable, simple, healthy, and happy… We are living the lives we want to live

One Woman’s Eye with Joanne Tombrakos~  chronicles of one woman’s observations on reinventing life after corporate America

Online Business Services with Andrea Kalli Information ~ resources and advice about admin services, internet marketing and more

The Only Thing I Know with Judith Shakespeare (fictional character) ~ the author proclaims to be  a product of far too much coffee, far too many romance novels, and an embarrassing weakness for pretty boys with guitars 

Pathway to Presence with Gina Rafkind ~ helping you overcome and conquer your own life issues so you too can start to awaken and unleash your vibrant inner being

The Pink Ink Blog with Jewel ~ life, liberty and the pursuit of ha-pink-ness

Quirky Insider with Jennifer Marshall ~ comments on life and interests with an emphasis on green, politics, artwork, and anything quirky

Quirky Kitsch Girl with JA Huber ~ One blogger’s view of the world 

RULES TO LIVE BY with Sylvia Dickey Smith ~ Show Up, Tell The Truth, Pay Attention, Be Unattached to the Outcome

Secret Women’s Business Network with Allison Reynolds ~ practical business advice and training highlighting Women’s greatest gifts

The Self Improvement Blog with Irene Conlan ~ because almost everyone wants to be better, do better, achieve more 

Smart Growth with Pam Watson Korbel~  Smart Growth helps entrepreneurs to enjoy more money, less work, more fun™

Solo Travel with Jennifer Huber ~ Girl Traveling alone, not lonely

Somewhere I Have Never Travelled with Daphne Ann Phillips ~ chronicles of a blogger cooking, creating art, reading and trying to figure out what the heck she’s supposed to be doing with her life

Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog with Firefighter Dayna Hilton ~ Children and their caregivers can follow the adventures of Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog on her blog as she travels across the country teaching fire safety. 

Streets Smarts Marketing with Kathleen Gage ~ Internet Marketing Strategies for Speakers, Trainers, Consultants who want to turn their expertise into money-making products and services

Success in Sweatpants with Trish Lambert ~ useful ideas, tips, and resources for work at home entrepreneurs

Sunny Girl Scraps with Pam Staples ~ Every day is a sunny day stamping and crafting

Tania Samsonova’s Blog ~ Ideas and articles about what makes the economy tick

Tax Lien Lady with Joanne Musa ~ explains tax lien investing to the ignorant and makes it a viable income stream for anyone

Tea Leaves with Teabird ~ a librarian who likes to read, knit, write, and comment on more things than she should…

Tickled By Life with Danielle LaPorte Productivity and Life Enhancement

Tout est des roses with Sara Sophia ~ adventures in sustainable style–a green parenting blog

Transformation Revolution with Dr. Leah addressing career, business, and life goals

The T-Shirt Lady with Sandi Myers ~ Business & Life Musings of a T-shirt lady

Turbo Charge Your Marketing with Carma Spence-Pothitt ~ From the nuts and bolts of e-mail campaigns to finding a niche, this blog covers it

Until 2010 with Denise Gabbard ~ Living well and thriving in the current depressed economy. Good news and tips we all need today!

Virtual Event Success with Leesa Barnes ~ Make Money, Build Your List, Become an Authority

Wait ‘Til A Commercial with VeRonda ~ helping those understand sports better and bridging that awkard sports gap that happens within relationships

Wealthy Bag Lady with Linda Hollander ~ teaching entrepreneurs about small business success and attracting corporate sponsors

Webutantes with Noa Gafni ~ Internet trends impacting women

Welcome to my World with Roberta Hart ~ writes on a variety of topics including politics, parenting and humor bound to make you laugh.

The Wendland Post with Kristie Wendland ~ Everyday blog about marriage, husbands, housework, family and everyday life

When Fridays Were Fridays with Colette Martin ~ Reflections on life in Corporate America when Fridays were Fridays, loyalty mattered, and bosses still cared

Where There’s Life There’s Hope with Sharon Rose ~ Musings of a writer, singer, music producer, filmmaker, political activist, world traveler, connoisseur and healer

Within My Means with Ellen Rosentreter ~ a mix of thrifty, simple living, local LA activities, and crafting

Women at Forty with Grace ~ “Life. Love. Reality. In our fortieth year

Women Dating Like Grownups with Bobbi Palmer ~ Advice for single gals to find love, adventure and relationships in the grown up world

Women’s Tennis Blog with Marija Zivlak ~ promoting the skills of female players

World Changing Business Blog with Coco Fossland ~ Accelerating business success by aligning with inner wisdom

The Work at Home Woman with Holly Reisem Hanna ~ women and moms acquire the knowledge and skills to be able to successfully work from home or to become self-employed while providing support, inspiration and motivation

Writes Like She Talks with JILL MILLER ZIMON ~ represents just one of many ways in which she’s pursued a lifelong interest in civic engagement

You Can Never Have Too Many Books with Susan Flynn ~ a writer, a poet who’s goal is to read 100 books a year and comment on them

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  1. Hi there, I LOVE this list. :) I know this kind of thing takes a lot of time to put together.

    I am a blogger and one of my blogs is over 2 years old and the other is 8 months old now. I would love to be listed. –
    Living Legacy –

    BizChickBlogs provides practical blogging advice, and Living Legacy is on living a life of passion and joy. Living Legacy has changed a lot in the past 2 years, but I’m refocusing it on where I am at in life now.


  2. Consider:
    Secret Lives of the Unemployed

    ”An engaging biweekly serial about three Brooklyn neighbors who take themselves off the work grid.” – MUG

    By award winning author, Liz Bartucci

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  4. Heidi Richards says:

    Thanks for the mention! FYI, the link is not working in your post.

    Have a great day… and then some,


  5. One of these days Im going to be on that list too!
    Congrats those that are :)

  6. Eleanor Simpson says:

    there are lots of women issues that are mostly related to relationships and family:-,

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  8. I’d love to be considered for Women Bloggers to Watch

    My blog is Linda B’s Blog and it’s about my OOAK handbeaded jewelry designs and accesories. I design Judaica jewelry and women’s wire beaded kippot and items for holidays, too.

    I’ve been blogging for about 4 years and I love featuring other shops too.


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  10. Led here by A.E. Brains blog. Nice list of blogs here!! We women can sure pour out our words that mean so very much….especially when read and really taken in; by women.

    I write a blog called: Shauna’s Life In Pain And Other Fun Things
    over the past 2 1/2 years.

    Shauna’s blog writings focus on the subject of Chronic Pain. She is a nurse who has dedicated her life to those who are ready to leave this earth. Hospice Nursing is Shauna’s calling and both her mom and dad passed away on Hospice, with Shauna a Hospice nurse at the time of her father’s care, and the time spent nursing him to the very end is to Shauna,” The best gift he has ever given me.”

    Shauna’s blog is exceptional as the subject of Chronic Pain is written through two viewpoints: That of a nurse, and that of a patient. Having the ‘inside’ scoops on those things medical, has helped her tell the stories of her life in pain, while able to teach in each post. The focus of this blog is to let others see that they are NOT alone! Pain patients need to interact with other pain patients; as no one understands your pain, as another person with pain.

    Wanting to consistently give correct medical information, Shauna pulls from her extensive knowledge from both nursing and personal experience, giving ideas and tips such as Finding You Pain Doctor. The Top Ways To Help The Pain Patients In Your Life, Keeping a Pain Journal, and posts that go deep into all pathologies of the spine.

    I’d be honored to be included in the blogging list of Women Bloggers to watch in 2011. Gentle Hugs to all always—-<3

  11. Love this list!

    My blog, Love & Paella, is about making moves, first to rural Africa, and now we’re living in Spain – you can check it out at if you like!

  12. Great resources. Thanks for taking the time to find them all.

  13. Kimberly Ray says:

    My name is Kimberly Ray,Author of the book AND YET, YOU STILL CHOSE ME, inspired by my true story of child abuse…

    Producer of upcoming film,Picture Me Blue No More based on my book, AND YET, YOU STILL CHOSE ME, Writer/Director/Producer of film is Perla Faye. Her production company is Onyx Pearl.

    Co-founder of TENDER HOPE FOUNDATION, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization created to spread hope and empower girls who have been victims of abuse.
    I would love to contect:0)
    Contact Info:!/pages/AND-YET-YOU-STILL-CHOSE-ME-The-Book/367954179069

  14. Hello,

    I want to say a HUGE congrats to these deserving women who made the list. I am a blogger, mother of four, and an attorney.

    The name of my blog is, “Loving LOVE”. The url is – It explores every facet of positive living and provides some really thought provoking and inspiring articles on self-improvement. The articles inspire and challenge its readers to cultivate and harness this positive force called LOVE and watch its transformational impact in every areas of their life.

    I write twice each every month. i would love to connect with the women i this forum on facebook, twitter and I look forward to connecting:-)


  15. skyscraper@Business and Finance Corner says:

    Girl Power ! Great

  16. David Walker says:

    Wow! What an awesome list of bloggers! As a keen blogger myself, I am looking forward to going through it and making some powerful new connections. Thanks again for taking the time to research and publish this list! David.

  17. This is an awesome list!

    One great find is Susan Flynn’s “You Can Never Have Too Many Books” blog. I’ve made a challenge like this myself but didn’t quite get as far as she did.

    Keep up the good work!


  18. Wow this is a great list…thanks!

    Contact me

  19. Great list indeed. If I may also add, there are 2 women bloggers that I find really great but somehow missing in this list – it’s Emily Chang (an award-winning web and interaction designer) as well as the women bloggers at

    In your list, I’m a big fan of the The Fast and The Fabulous for they have interesting perspectives in a male-driven and dominated industry. They are like a breath of fresh air in the same manner Danica Patrick is to the world of motorsports.


  20. Tracey Madsen says:

    I’ve checked out some of the blogs in this list and they’re worth my time. Thank you for posting. I particularly like Golf Chick with Kristen Williams and Cathy Burton Taylor’s Miss Chatter. Thanks for recognizing what these women are doing.

  21. That is one heck of a list! lol

    Certainly enough blogs there to keep one tied over for some serious amount of time – good work!

    Girl power indeed!

    Great to see that blogging is still fully alive and kicking.

  22. Hey, Great post. I love women and the Internet has opened a much greater opportunity for feminine expression and ideas to widespread. Here’s a cool post I found:

    Roy, webmaster @

  23. Heidi Richards says:

    Leo, both of the women bloggers you mention have been in one of our lists… thanks for stopping by!


  24. @Roy – LOL who doesn’t love women! (sorry just couldn’t resist!)

    So would there be a 2011 list? I’d like to post a link to it on my motivational site, I think it’s inspiring for women!

  25. Thanks Heidi for updating me on this. Great to see so many women bloggers making a difference in different online communities :)

  26. Wonderful list!!!

    I am still receiving emails in regard to any comments on this list, and wanted to check back in with you to let you know I am still blogging away at: ‘Shauna’s Life in Pain”, it is 3 years this month!! How time does fly…

    I have enjoyed reading from the list and am looking forward to the next group of Women Bloggers to Watch!! There are so many excellent blogs!!

  27. Daniel Hansen says:

    Can never go wrong with the posts of Gail Metcalf…get on her list!

    Daniel Hansen

  28. What a wonderful list! Thank you for taking the time to put this excellent resource together for us. Now to start clicking and see which blogs I want to learn more about!

  29. “My name is Kimberly Ray,Author of the book AND YET, YOU STILL CHOSE ME, inspired by my true story of child abuse…

    Producer of upcoming film,Picture Me Blue No More based on my book, AND YET, YOU STILL CHOSE ME, Writer/Director/Producer of film is Perla Faye. Her production company is Onyx Pearl.”

    Kimberly…check out your blog…very inspiring! Wish you the best with the movie!


  30. This is really inspirational stuff, but there’s a real danger that reading so much good material will mean I have to ration myself. I’ve had a work from home business for a few years and I recently started blogging. I’m hoping that’s going to become a habit.

    Jemma Loveridge

  31. Eric Pelzer says:

    Cool list! Until2010 is a very good blog I think. She writes a lot about politics and economics, which I like and enjoy reading about, so get on her list if you like that too!:)

  32. Thanks for the delightful post. What a wonderful assortment of blogs by women for women. So many of these look intriguing that I don’t know where to begin. This is definitely a keeper as I will refer to it often. Thanks again.

  33. Great list! Have you seen Mommy CEO, by Sabrina Parsons. She writes about life as a mom and CEO. If you like business, you’ll love it. If you happen to be a mom, so much the better (I’m not, obviously)
    You can see it here:

  34. I was glad to stumble upon your post. There are so many interesting blogs and what a treasure trove of information for woman. I will definitely bookmark this one.

  35. Go girl. Nice list!

    News on Women is a great one. :-)

  36. This is a great list and apart from being inspiring its also great to see “how its done”. The one blog from the list that I do know very well is “Success in Sweatpants” by Trish Lambert and its one of my favorite blogs that I read daily.

  37. Wayne C. Burkhart says:

    Hi Heidi,
    thanks for a lot of suggestions hope I got time to check all of them

  38. Great list. I would nominate as well.

  39. What a great inspiring list. Anything on fitness and workouts?

  40. Great article! I love reading about my peers!

  41. Balloons Childrens Clothes says:

    Great list. Thanks.

    I’ve been reading a number of these blogs and particularly like One Green Generation by Melinda Epler as it always seems to have straightforward simple tips and ideas that really work. Any chance of a follow up posting with more new blogs for 2011? (or even for 2012 as we’re half way through 2011 already!)

  42. gonna visit soon

  43. Sara Angel@ cheap granite countertops says:

    Superb article! I never found like before this.I love reading about my peers! This is a big inspiring point to me. Again thanks for nice post.

  44. shah blogger says:

    WHowww thats a great list !!! Anyway for 2011? 😀 .. Thanks

  45. Work from home (Jay) says:

    Thanks for posting all these resources. No where in the web I could find such a rich collection of women blogs in a wide variety of topics.

    I have bookmarked your page. It will take a while to visit all of them.

    Again, thanks for posting such a good collection of women blogs.

  46. Great list. I’ll have to check some of these blogs out.

  47. women business owners says:

    As woman, I am so proud that Women are now recognize not only in the field of business but also in any other event.

  48. What a fantastic idea!!! =)
    I’m an italian girl that created a blog 4 mounth ago and I arrive on this site while I was searching if my blog was famous on internet (the answer is obviosly no!).
    In Italy there are no websites with a list of the best blogs as this one… I’ll took foreign residence 😉

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