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100 Business Forums Women Recommend


Long before the new WEB 2.0 social networking sites came on the scene, many of us would network via message boards and discussion forums. And message boards or discussion forums are still an excellent way to communicate with people who share similar interests and exchange ideas on topics of interest to them. In fact, most successful small business owners know that if you want to rapidly increase and enhance your online presence you should become an active member of forums or discussion boards. So I asked several female colleagues to share their lists of favorite discussion sites. 

The result: this list of 100 Business Forums and Message Boards!

While all of these forums have some business component, many of them also include other discussion topics of interest to women in other aspects of our lives. After all, we are not just business women! We are Total Women!

 This list is sure to keep you busy for quite a while. Simply click on the name and it will take you there. You may have to register to see the board, which will also allow you to participate. Be sure and read the forum rules before posting.  Happy Networking!

1. A Mom’s Love

2. Affilate Seeking Forum

3. Aardvark Business

4. Assist Business Network

5. At Home Resources

6. Between Moms

7. Biz Ammo

8. Bizy Moms

9. Business Know-How

10. Buzzle.com

11. Christian Wahm

12. Christian Work at Home Mom

13. Classy Chic

14. Copywriters Board

15. Dabbling Diva’s

16. Direct Sales Moms

17. Direct Selling Business

18. DotCom Women

19. Fast Company Community

20. Forbes 

21. Freelance Mom

22. Friends in Business

23. Get Paid At Home Forums

24. Hillbilly’s Place

25. Home-Based Working Moms

26. Home Business Discussion

27. Home Party Plan and Direct Selling Community

28. Home Party Plan Network

29. How To Internet Marketing Forum

30. I am a WAHM

31. Idea Café’s Cyberschmooz Forum

32. iDesign Business

33. Internet Based Moms

34. I MOM Network

35. I Village Message Board

36. Lemming Central

37.Mastermind Forums 

38. MLM Woman Talk  

39. Modern Mom

40. Mommy Biz Central

41. Mommy Classifieds

42. Mommy Enterprises

43. Mommy’s Helper Networking Community

44. Mompack.com

45. MomPreneurs Online

46. Moms Network  

47. Moms working in Freedom  

48. Mom to Mom Chat

49. Mom Zone 

50. Money Making Mommy

51. Money Making Mommies

52. Mothers Work At Home

51. My Mommy Biz

52. My Work at Home Business Networking Community

53. My Work at Home Place

54. Networking for HER

55. Network WAHM 

56. Our Debt Free Life

57. Party Plan Locator

58. Passion to Success

59. Personal Success Forum & Positive Thinking

60. Prosperity Secrets

61. Queendom Talk 

62. Real WAH Jobs

63. Run My Own Biz 

64. Seeds of Wisdom

65. Self Starters Business

66. Sellers Network

67. She Unlimited 

68. Small Business Brief

69. Small Business Community

70. Small Business Ideas

71. Small Business TV (SBTV.com) 

72. Smart Moms

73. Successful Mom

74. The Corner for Women!

75. The Gift Forum

76. The WAHM Connection

77. T.R.A.I.N. – Trade Referrals and Information Network

78. Virtual Assistant Networking 

79. Virtual Promote


81. Wahm Announce

82. Wahm.com


84. Wahm Zone

85. Warrior Forum 

86. Witty WAHM

87 Woman Entrepreneur

88. Women Entrepreneurs

89. Women’s Work

90. Work At Home Community

91. Work at home Forums

92. Work at Home Mom Buds

93. Work At Home Network

94. Work At Home Opportunities

95. Work at Home Space

96. Working Mom’s Internet Refuge

97. Working Women

98. WorkitMom www.workitmom.com

99. World Wide WAHM

100. Yeah Mom! Networking Community

Special thanks to Shelly Hill, Leader of the Classy Chic ‘n Elite Business Women Forum for your list on RYZE. It was the perfect place to start and is filled with many great resources. I have included a number of these in our list, including hers. 

Note: at the time of publication, each of these forums were verified as active and current.

If you have a favorite forum not listed here, feel free to share it in the comments area.

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  1. Great list. I think sometimes we get stuck on the same message boards too long and forget that we should continue to meet new people.

    Find a message board you like, learn, interact, make new friends and business associates. Then find another board and meet a whole new group of people and some familiar faces.

  2. I have a few more to add to the list!

    The Conversation Cafe

    PartyPlanWAHM Forums

    MommiesOnline.net forums

    CEO Team Builders forum


  3. Fabulous list….one of my 2008 “to do’s”…spread myself around a little more.

    Heidi, I think you are correct, we do get stuck on one or two forums, especially if they are active and productive for us.

    Always something new to sample if we tour around a bit.

    Have a prosperous 2008!

  4. WOW, great list!

  5. Nancy Macdonald says:

    It is very important to join together and develop and use our resources and talents to help others. We are connected and we use the services and buy our goods from people we know and trust. We develop this trust and in time use our ventures to grow and prosper together.

  6. Just updating the link list..Classy Chics WAHM Message Boards are located at: http://classychics.wahmwebmaster.com/index.php

  7. Sharon Davis says:

    This is a terrific list! I do have a correction for: 90. Work At Home Community

    The correct link is:

    Thanks again for this great resource!

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