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100 Blog Directories to Submit Your Blog


A good way to get links to your blog is by submitting it to directories.  It will increase your chances of getting found, increase traffic to your site and potentially increase your reader base.

In fact, there are a huge number of blog directories available for you to submit your blog or RSS feed to. Here’s a list of 100 submission urls to start you off (and keep you busy for a while):

1. 2Rss – http://www.2rss.com/index.php

2. 5Star Blogs – http://www.5starblogs.com/

3. 9Rules – http://9rules.com/

4. All-Blogs.net – http://www.all-blogs.net/submit.php

5. AL Weblogs Directory – http://directory.autismlina.com

6. Answers – http://www.answers.com/main/new_blogger.jsp

7. BiggerBlogger – http://www.biggerblogger.com
8. Blogadr – http://www.blogadr.com/ 

9. Blog Advance – http://blogadvance.com/

10. BlogAnnounce – http://blogannounce.info/

11. Blogarama – http://www.blogarama.com/add-a-site/

12. Blogbib – http://www.blogbib.com/submit.php

13. Blogbunch – http://www.blogbunch.com/suggest/

14. BlogCatalog – http://www.blogcatalog.com/blogs/submit_blog.html

15. Blogcode – http://www.blogcode.com/signup.php

16. Blogs-Collection – http://www.blogs-collection.com/

17. Blogdigger – http://blogdigger.com/add.jsp

18. Blogflux – http://www.blogflux.com/add.php

19. Bloggernity – http://www.bloggernity.com/cgi-bin/add.cgi

20. BlogHer – http://www.blogher.org/bloghers-blogrolls

21. Bloghop – http://www.bloghop.com/account/index.htm

22. Bloghub – http://www.bloghub.com/cgi-bin/add.cgi

23. Blogintro – http://blogintro.com/

24. Bloglisting – http://www.bloglisting.com/addablog.html

25. BlogMap – http://www.csthota.com/blogmap/submit.aspx

26. Blog Mopolis – http://www.blogmopolis.com/

27. Blogion – http://www.blogion.com/

28. BlogOrama – http://www.blogarama.com/add-a-site/

29. BlogORiffic – http://blogoriffic.com/

30. Blogooza – http://www.blogazoo.com/

31. BlogPoint – http://www.blogpoint.com/

32. BlogPulse – http://www.blogpulse.com/submit.html

33. Blog Scholar – http://www.blogscholar.com/

34. Blogs Collection – http://www.blogs-collection.com/

35. Blog-search – http://www.blog-search.com/blog-submission.html

36. Blogs For Small Business – http://www.blogsforsmallbusiness.com

37. Blog Street – http://www.blogstreet.com/

38. BlogSweet.com – http://www.blogsweet.com/

39. Blogz – http://www.sarthak.net/blogz/add.php

40. Bloogz – http://www.bloogz.com/man_en/add_your_url.php

41. Blurt it! – http://www.blurtit.com/

42. BoingBoing – http://boingboing.net/suggest.html

43. BrowsBlogs – http://browseblogs.com/

44. Bulk Feeds – http://bulkfeeds.net/

45. Bulletize – http://www.bulletize.com/submit.php

46. ContentsMatter – http://www.contentsmatter.com/add.php

47. Crayon – http://www.crayon.net/using/suggest.html

48. DaytimeNews – http://www.daytimenews.com/

49. Delightful Blogs – http://www.delightfulblogs.com/

50. Diarist – http://www.diarist.net/registry/

51. EatonWeb – http://portal.eatonweb.com/add.php

52. Feed-Directory – http://www.feed-directory.com/addfeed

53. Feeds4all – http://www.feeds4all.com/NewFeed.aspx

54. Feedage – http://www.feedage.com/submit.php

55. FindingBlog  – http://findingblog.com/add_blog.php?cat=

56. Findory – http://www.findory.com/submit-blog

57. FlybySearch – http://www.fybersearch.com/add-url.php

58. GeekPhilisopher – http://geekphilosopher.com/index.html

59. GenWi – http://www.genwi.com/

60. Get Blogs – http://www.getblogs.com/

61. Globeofblogs – http://www.globeofblogs.com/register.php

62. Guardian Unlimited – Weblog Guide  http://www.guardian.co.uk/weblog/special/0,10627,744914,00.html

63. Headlinespot – http://www.headlinespot.com/

64. iBlog Business Directory  – http://www.iblogbusiness.com/add.html

65. Icerocket – http://www.icerocket.com/c?p=addblog

66. Industry-blogs – http://www.industry-blogs.com/submit.php

67. It’s my News – http://itsmynews.com/

68. KookKoo – http://www.kookkoo.com/

69. LSBlogs – http://www.lsblogs.com/howtosubmit.php

70. MillionRSS – http://www.millionrss.com/

71. NewsAlert – http://www.newsalert.com

72. News Interceptor – http://www.newsinterceptor.com

73. NewsNow – http://www.newsnow.co.uk/

74. News Trove – http://www.newstrove.com/

75. Plazoo – http://www.plazoo.com/en/addrss.asp

76. Postami – http://www.postami.com/rss.finder/submit_feed.php

77. Pressradar – http://www.pressradar.com/suggest

78. Quick Blog Directory – www.quickblogdirectory.com

79. Rateitall – http://tinyurl.com/2t7m8e

80. ReadAblog – http://www.readablog.com/AddFeed.aspx

81. Root Blog Directory – http://www.rootblog.com/

82. Redtram – http://www.redtram.com/pages/addsource/

83. RocketInfo – http://reader.rocketinfo.com/desktop/AddRSSFeed.jsp

84. Search4Blogs – http://www.search4blog.com/

85. Search4Rs -s http://www.search4rss.com

86. Small Business Blog Directory – http://blogsforsmallbusiness.com/directory/add.html

87. SmallBusiness.com – http://smallbusiness.com/wiki/Weblog_directory_company_blogs

88. Squidoo – http://www.squidoo.com

89. Start4all: Weblogs – http://www.start4all.com/?A=page&subject=weblog

90. Strategic Board – http://strategicboard.com/?s=h:addblog

91. Syndic8  – http://www.syndic8.com/suggest_start.php

92. Today.com – http://www.today.com/

93. Technorati – http://www.technorati.com/ping.html

94. Tech Writers Blog – www.techwriterblogs.com

95. TheVital.Net – http://www.thevital.net/

96. Topix  – http://www.topix.net/member/register

97. TruthLaidBear – http://www.truthlaidbear.com/addtoscan.php

98. Wutzle – http://wutzle.com/

99. XHTML Friends Network – http://www.xhtmlfriends.net/

100. Yahoo.com – http://tinyurl.com/c2qwp

You can also submit your blog to DMOZ “the mother of all directories” – http://dmoz.org/ – the procedure is pretty straightforward but it could take forever for an editor to even look at your submission.  But if you can get listed… it’s definitely worth the wait.

If you don’t already have a Yahoo account, sign up for one! Then you can add your RSS feed to your “My Yahoo” (and MSN, if you have one) account.

Submitting your blog to niche directories is also useful, be sure you follow their instructions and submit to the right category.

When you are ready to submit your blog, you will need your blog URL, title, and a brief description of what your blog is about. Make sure your description accurately describes your blog and also contains the keywords associated with blog.

One more thing: Unless you write several posts in a single day PING your blog after every post you make. In that case only PING once a day so you won’t be considered a spammer.  Pinging lets the blog directories know that new content has been added to your blog.

The two most popular sites for pinging are:

Ping-O-Matic –  http://www.pingomatic.com

Pingoat – http://www.pingoat.com

Make it a great Day!  And if you’d like to join us for 1st Fridayz™ event – Blogging for Business, sign up at:  http://listserv.familynet.net/mailman/listinfo/wecai


Heidi Richards, Founder & CEO – The WECAI Network™ – www.wecai.org
Join us for the Women’s Media Summit, October 17, 18, 19 & 24th – The Small Business Public Relations & Media Marketing Event – www.womensmediasummit.com

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  2. Laurie Ayers says:

    Excellent comprehensive list, thanks!

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  5. Thanks for the great list! Two comments – getting listed in a directory with a very low Google Page Rank isn’t always a good idea so you may want to avoid those. Some SEO gurus thinks linking to a website with a lower Page Rank can weaken your Page Rank.

    To test a Google Page Rank, download the SEO toolbar in Firefox and it’ll give you important stats when you click on a webpage.

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  7. Hi Heidi,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and drawing my attention here. I’m sorry that I didn’t find this before writing my list of Top 100s because I think it’s a terrific resource. Glad that I know about it now!

  8. — Thanks Heidi!

    This is an excellent resource for bloggers! If you blog or you’re thinking about it, you need this list AND, you need to submit your blog to most of these blog directories! With every submission you make, you could get a link back to your site that Google will find. With Google comes spidering, indexing, ranking, PageRank, traffic & money! (-:

  9. Judy Davids says:

    I am new to your website. I find this kind of information really useful. Thanks!

  10. CSea Perkins says:

    Heidi, you’re the best! Again you have provided the world with a very useful tool. This listing of resources enables Power Women and others to learn, contribute and expand their vision.

    Most of us seek 1st page rankings on web searches; you are giving us the tools to accomplish this.

    You strengthen an attitude of gratitude Heidi…HAPPY EASTER

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  12. Heidi,

    Thank you for posting sucha helpful resource. My blog has been getting a lot of attention lately, and this will certainly broaden the reach of my message about a new prominent skincare company I am involved with. Thanks again!


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  16. This was very useful. Although, some sites are not valid now and it should be said that some require signing up and some even charge to submit your URL.

    .-= Theresa´s last blog ..83 Ways For Entrepreneurs To Be Successful In 2010 =-.

  17. Heidi Richards says:


    Thanks so much for the updates. We know that some sites are no longer valid. That’s what happens with lists like this. They become outdated. And when we did the research most were FREE to register. WE plan to relook at the list and do some research for an updated list.

    Have a great day…. and thanks so much for taking time to comment.


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  21. Thanks for this list! Might take me sometime to get through it, hehe.

  22. Wow! I have a lot of work to do..thanks for the listing.

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  25. Even though this list is now old. I bet there are some real gems here.

  26. Musicblogger says:

    Nice Article i added my blog to most of them hope it will give away some traffic

  27. Wow a lot of useful links you mentioned here. I joined some of them hopefully it would help me boost my baby blog :). Thank you and kisses.

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